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Greetings and salutations! 


I’m TOM VRILOCK, spiritual leader of the New Thought Movement, and I walk in the footsteps of WILLIAM WALKER ATKINSON, an American pioneer of the ‘NEW THOUGHT’ Movement started in the 19th century, which held the individual in high regard to the everlasting consciousness of the universe. As humans we are the participants of our own prosperity or our own demise. With careful planning and a commitment to excellence, we can all achieve the impossible as empowered individuals. 


As an expert in focused concentration and kinetic influence, I offer services and products that are guaranteed to help you overcome distraction and indecisiveness. I will show you how to break through the obstacles  that bar you from success, and using my methods you will learn to smooth out your road of life.


With Vrilock’s wisdom and products people can harness personal power for achievement in all of its forms. So why not you? Let’s face it. Achievement isn’t a ledger book. You set your own goals, and Vrilock provides you with the methods and psychical strength to overcome the challenges of society at large. 


Vrilock is about personal power and strength, and we are a front against the tyranny of the weak and wishy-washy ideologies that arrest the strong person’s every action toward success. Vrilock is a warrior fighting against the sickness of mind and spirit. 


Through our art, writing, and style Vrilock presents a new thought movement to shake the world awake and back into greatness! 

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