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Spirit Electives Box

Vrilock envisions a new kind of machine for working with spirit sigil and glyphs. The concept came from the potential of a wellness box which allows for the spirit selected to choose from a selection of elemental components. The box is wired as a closed circuit with three resistors, and then the two contact plates. An addition of a few or more elective components are wired into the box, and again wired to a sweep dial. These electives could be a piece of sulfur rock, a cube made of tiny mirrors, or a diode made of diamond. The components may depend upon the general uses for such a box. If the components are incompatible for the scope of operations, then the design is flawed. A machine for we

Psychometric Infusion

About imbuing objects or structures with intent. We learn about the concept of infusing a structure with the power of will, and make referen

Psionic Robots Go Viral

The psionic robot is truly a construct and servitor nested in a surrounding shell of radionics or psychotronic apparatus. It began quite simply as an occult related object, and various components were added. Then, as the usual method is commonly applied, an initial charge is given to the object. Essentially, there are two kinds of psionic robots. One is a dock for an entity type construct. The entity is imagined as flying from the vessel to the area, or simply appears in the target area. The second kind of robot sits where it is and processes the patterns that are put into it. The latter kind of robot, for example, can feed on disruption patterns, and direct these much like an ordinary radio

Crystalizing Thought-Forms: Calibrating the Klytus Cannon!

The art of concentration is the key to building the machine, while the core of the apparatus is quite simply a crystal orb. Not just any crystal orb will do for the Klytus box, but for most devices an ordinary quartz works just fine. (There is a story behind this crystal orb which I will get to shortly). In essence, the Klytus psionic robot box is an arcane object with machinery then built around it. Now, onward to the building of the Klytus! Preparing the Construction of KLYTUS... Properly In order for the KLYTUS unit to work effectively, the core must be prepared before building the machine. The core for this machine is a rather simple mechanism. Acquire a black crystal orb. Set this cryst

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