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A historical moment occurred yesterday. So, let me tell you all about it. First of all, Vrilock had a wonderful birthday dinner with author and lecturer Charles W. Cosimano. After a feast we settled down to do some business. Our royal honor and rare privilege took place as we witnessed firsthand the author of Psionic Psupervillain commence autographing each one of our remaining printed paperbacks of Psionic Psupervillain!!! Seriously, dear colleagues, this was a truly wonderful moment in time. We are deeply honored, as this was a moment in time long dreamed of by not only the author, but by one who was at one time a student of the author, Mr. Vrilock. So, what we have here, ladies and gentle

The Power of Imagination

When you try to remember something, does it swim away from you like a slippery fish? When you calm your mind, does not the same thought swim seemingly out of nowhere, and circle back into the proximity of your awareness? Thus, the universe is much like the watery mind(s) which we wade in for a lifetime. Do scientists believe in subatomic glue, or do they simply imagine that it is there? Does the physicist observe the particle traveling through one of two holes? Or is he aware of the wave passing through both holes at the same instant? Thus, is the universe ever entertaining our imagination? How is it that the mind of one person can ignite fires with but a thought, bursting small objects into

Vrilock Publishes Psionic Psupervillain (in Print) for Charles Cosimano!

Long has the master of psionics allowed his books to be downloaded for free. Far reaching has been the wisdom (and generosity) of Charles W. Cosimano. It is time now to recognize the ultimate book of psionics (and villainy) as Charles Cosimano comes back in print, and the author’s most nefarious volume arrives at YOUR DOORSTEP! Colleagues, you already know this isn’t a new-age smudgestick book! This volume of psionics commands respect from sorcerers around the globe! And now it can be yours to place on your bookshelf! (Read it and weep, you new-age fluffy bunnies!) Vrilock.com will release the first printed volume of Psionic Psupervillain (EVER) to be authorized for print by Charles W. Cosim

Brewing Disruption

Vrilock is old enough to remember what coffee houses used to be. There was a time when men sat down to play a game of chess, sipping espresso or downing a tall cup-o-Joe. No longer is this the wide view of coffee houses. Today, coffee houses are practically daycare centers and ice-cream parlors catering to ever more intolerable privileged freeloaders. Now word is out that certain coffee shops may ask its employees to push political questions on its customers. These questions would likely be aimed to make customers uncomfortable for not sharing the established view being pushed on people who are smart enough to know better. But enough of this merriment! If you haven't had the good fortune of

Cetaceans, Obey Mighty Cthulhu!

Soulless wishy-washy bipeds who think that they're still human beings because they shop at all the same brand name stores is an irritation without end. (What happened to reading books and playing boardgames?). Nor is a little boredom spent at home reading a book or playing a game of chess so terrible that no fruit can be born from it. Well, as yours truly was feeling rather fed up with the trash on the mainstream media, Vrilock settled down in the cool darkness of his living space to enjoy a good nostalgic half hour watching The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. As the story goes, Vrilock was watching an episode in which the villain, Jeremiah Surd, discovered a cetacean internet. In the beginn

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