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Psionic Robot - An Artificer’s Guide to Anthropomorphic Constructs

Slide into your comfy chair. Don your helmet! And slide up to your nifty new mind control box. We’ve got a real treat for our colleagues! 'Psionic Robot' is the book of the year for magicians! This is the ultimate psionics manual that will send you to the future of magic technology! Magical robots! Mulahahaha! Yesss! And this book is Vrilock's contribution to the age of force, wherein the individual has more power than the collective mind of society! Fully illustrated, finely detailed, Psionic Robot is a book that delivers more than idle philosophical concepts in magick! It is also a complete step-by-step manual for crafting all manner of robot servitors used in magical and psionic operation

Vrilock's Resume of Magick

Magical and Spiritual Resume of Vrilock 1973 - present. 1973-1981 Perceived spirits watching my mother give me a bath in the kitchen sink. (age 9 months) Precognition a of films, future events, encounters. Lived lives of others in my dreams..(age 4 or 5) Moved a pitcher of orange juice across table without touching it. Witnessed by cousins. (age 9 or 10) 1981-1988 Stopped a colossal sand storm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a word. Stood inside of a huge dust devil in Hoffus, and learned to move them around with my will. Survived multiple accidents, and brought spiritual healing to self and others. 1988-Began studying psionics. Attacked by vampire spirit. Learned to push it off with my aura

Vrilock Variable Machine

There is something wonderful about the concept of creating a new kind of psionic machine which can isolate or joint together a series placeholders for changeable values. Vrilock has created such a machine, and it is called The Variable Machine. With this machine one can isolate a sequence of events. And possibly much more. Imagery received from the use of this machine in the initial testing stages was impressive, and nearly instant. Perhaps this is something to do with the way I’m wired, but again it may be universal. We won’t know until others try working with it. So, first you need to know how to build it, and then we'll cover operating the Vrilock Variable Machine! Materials: Styro foam s

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