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Princes of Psionics

Here we are! Born to be king! We’re the princes of the psionic front! Standing at the threshold to victory! We were born to be rulers of the

Vrilock Remembering Art Bell

There is one story I’d like to share about how I found Art Bell’s extraordinary talk radio program. The year was 2004. The place, Costa Mesa, California. My wife and I were driving through the city of Costa Mesa during the afternoon in busy traffic. We had come to a traffic intersection, and while waiting for the light to turn green we both noticed a metallic looking disc flying over the city. It couldn’t be more than a 50 feet up in the air. The detail of the saucer was so clear that at first we doubted what we were seeing. No other drivers seemed to notice as we looked around pointing and waving to other cars. That week we saw another similar craft elsewhere, and also a series of prismatic

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