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Not Satisfied W/ Magick? Let’s Train You Up!

Personally, I hear from all walks of life about the difficulties of getting mixed results in magical operations. I am familiar with those who are new, and those who are simply stuck in an area of magick. While my own occult knowledge is multifaceted, my preference of specialization is focused concentration. I’ve found this area of the occult to be the most rewarding and promising pursuit for both beginning magick students and intermediate magicians alike. For those who aren’t real sure what magick is, allow for me to first point out what magick is not. As follows: Magick is not a quick fix for all of your problems. Magick is not a sex and drugs pagan party in San Jose or Reno. Magick is not

Vrilock Memorial Day Post: The Boy Without a Jersey

On this Memorial Day I have decided to share with you my spirit of patriotism, but also I am going to share my road to this spirit of America and where I had strayed from the path during my teen years in the late 1980’s. Once upon a time, during my high school years in the late 1980’s I failed to stand up for the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. It is to my shame that I tell you this, but it is just as equally important to be as honest about my restoration of faith in my country, and my fellow Americans. So, my story goes like this. During a very big ceremony at our high school I refused to stand during the pledge. After the ceremony my grandfather dragged me

Magic, Mistakes, and Coaching

Having a mentor and coaching program helps us stay on top of being effective and willful magicians. Join Vrilock's coaching program, and

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