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Vrilock Goes to Pic N Save!

As I mentioned in my video, any seasoned magician knows the value of reviewing and practicing the basics of his art. So, I have rehashed through the basics of aura work. The results have been more than interesting. For this little newsletter I’m going to talk about my shopping experience at Pic ’n Save. Lol! Here goes! On three separate occasions I’ve encountered odd behavior in electronics I come into contact with. The first time it was a mess. The second time, an error on the self-checkout. The third time all went incredibly well. My latest shopping experience at Pic N Save was the best. After picking up all the groceries we needed, and I had my basket filled with hot sauce, fish, bacon, a

Rune Rise

Utilizing the runes every morning when you get up can put your mind and spirit in contact with the powerful archetypes of the universe. Godh

Magick to Free Men From Bondage

Years ago I ventured to use magick to free a man from wrongful imprisonment. It was a success. The man’s name is Adam Kokesh. Well, the procedure has already been written about. One can go find it on my old blog vrilock.blogspot.com. However, there’s something about working with the pentacles which I may have not covered entirely before. You see, when you work with the greater key of Solomon, then you are working with a system built around the God of his people. So, to really make the pentacle work it is best to call the name of God into the workspace, work surface, or what is often called the amplifying circle. Now, we have to understand the difference between freeing Adam Kokesh and Tommy

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