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Telemechanics vs. Techno Tyranny

Mind over matter meets mind over machines! And systems of any kind! Break through the barrier between operations and results in magick with

Manifesto of the Prayer Board, the Emerald Wand, and the Wishing Machine!

​When you wish upon a Prayer Board or an Emerald Wand, there’s a miracle weaving into manifestation. There’s no telling how good you will feel when the mysteries of the universe are tuned in to with a wishing machine at your fingertips! Moreover, there’s no better feeling than manifesting a miracle for someone else in great need. So, this Christmas season I would like to share with you a story about a group of miracle workers who journeyed from different parts of the country to participate in a filming event centered around human empowerment through psionics and magick. We are the League of Extraordinary Magicians! And this is our story… On one windy and rainy evening in September of 2018, V

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