Keep The Magick High - Paperback!

This is the beginner’s guide to learning about the Vrilock Psionics Path! Discover the magical lifestyle! Learn how to organize a psionics laboratory and meditation chamber. Simple and effective tour of psionics, radionics, psychotronics, dowsing, and magical thinking gives you an overview of all that you will ever need to learn psionics!

To get started in the world of Vrilock Psionics you will need to read this very important book! This is the collectors edition paperback that will look awesome on your magical bookshelf at home! Keep The Magick High! 


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Keep The Magick High - Paperback

  • Keep The Magick High Pocketbook: paperback, 4.25(W) x 6.875(H) in/ 108 x 175 mm), glossy cover, 109 pages, weight 3.8oz

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