Each Prayer Board Mini is custom handmade and blessed by Vrilock! 


As part of our Prosperity Product Line Vrilock brings to the public the new Prayer Board Mini! The same magick circuit operated with to stop super typhoon Neoguri, Halong, 40 plus other typhoons, quakes, and even free heroes from wrongful bondage! 


What’s different about this design from the first prayer board?
This Prayer Board Mini is very light weight, small enough to save table space and keep stored easily, and includes full size hand contact plates! The color design is harmonized with the medium of semi-transparent acrylic, and can be charged with the power of the sun to bless the circuit! Plus there are two bus lines running the power of disorganized energy from the hands to a balanced work surface at the center of the board! 


What you can use this instrument for:
Blessings, spiritual soothing, spiritual wellness, magick adjurations and warding, banishment of hostilities, rebalancing the chakras, and manifesting miracles in the world circuit! You can even use this Prayer Board Mini to create and charge minions or servitors of all kinds. Center of the board is sized to fit small to medium sized spirit vessels for charging and communion. Vrilock has used this instrument numerous times to contact the departed souls of the earth, including Nikola Tesla, Sir Christopher Lee, and several other spirits of the dead. All operations are made positive and safe by the balanced and holy power of the prayer board. 


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Prayer Board Mini

  • Dimensions: 18”(W) x 7”(L) x 0.125"(D), Weight: 0.6 lbs.

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