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Three Journals of Vrilock TRIO All-in-one! 

Thanksgiving for my mentor!

Learn from the master of psionics, while also studying the progress and personal retrospect of Charles Cosimano’s first student of psionics, Tom Vrilock! All-in-one fell swoop of awesome magick documents, scanned letters personally written by Charles Cosimano, the master of psionics! This Thanksgiving Vrilock would like to show praise for the teachings of his mentor! 


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Offer expires on Sunday, December 1, 2019!
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Regularly, Vrilock’s Journal collections are exclusive to Insiders at Today we are offering our special deal for all of our customers only for this weekend!


Enter the world of a very young Vrilock learning psionics from the master himself, Charles W. Cosimano! These three volumes detail the beginning years of training under the mentorship of Charles Cosimano. Complete scans of the letters from Charles Cosimano addressed to Thomas Vrilock are included, along with commentary and retrospect passages.


Title: Vrilock Journals Volume 1

Short description:

Short document, 27 Pages, PDF format.

Learn about Vrilock’s beginnings in psionics under the training of his mentor Charles W. Cosimano. Commentary and scanned letters from the master of psionics included!


Title: Vrilock Journals Volume 2

Short description:

Short document, 23 Pages, PDF format.

Learn about Vrilock’s beginnings in psionics. This second volume introduces the Hillerman Bio-Circuit story - an epic battle to save a young woman from covert mind control experiments! 


Title: Vrilock Journals Volume 3

Short description:

Short document, 21 Pages, PDF format.

Learn about broadcasting psionics to your place of work, while at the same time being protected from any disruptive energies! Full letter from Charles Cosimano included! 

Vrilock Journals TRIO Volume 1,2,3

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