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The three key magical guides into the mind and heart of psionics is now in print! Read and collect these high quality paperbacks! With these printed books you may reference the various qualities of spirit, mind, and psionic magick to help you find your very own journey into the magical mind and alter reality to do your bidding! This set includes ‘The Metaphysics of Self-Master’, ‘The Miraculous Prayer Board Guide’, and ‘The Wondrous Wheel’! All with quality print and cover design! Plus bonus comic strips inside of each book! Collect and enjoy the journey of Vrilock, and make the life adventure your very own!


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Vrilock Practical Guide Paperbacks Trio

  • VPG1: 87 pages.

    VPG2: 211 pages.

    VPG3: 138 pages.

    Paperback(4.25 x 6.875 in / 108 x 175 mm). Glossy Cover. Weight 0.9LB(together).

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