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High-End, beautiful and fast, the new. Hard to say whether this is a good change or not, as it comes at the price of a massive budget cut. Add to that that all of the games we’ve covered have been in development for a while and a few of them have been available for a while (e.g. MediEvil and R-Type), and it seems like a change for the sake of change.Q: android gridview with large number of small images I am working on a project which has a gridview with 50+ images of fixed size. Is there any way to reduce size of images on screen? Thanx in advance, Ashwin A: In Android phones, many applications give a preference for "Large" and "Extra-Large" sizes for their icons. In this, for example, Samsung sets its "Safari" icon to Large (which is 48dip wide and 48dip tall), and then "Safari Plus" to Extra-Large (which is 96dip wide and 96dip tall). Your best bet, though, is to use a GridView and draw each ImageView yourself, and move the coordinates to a bitmap or bitmap data and draw that bitmap instead. Potentiation of neonatal hyperkalemia by high-dose furosemide. Hypokalemia in the neonate can result in cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac conduction defects, and respiratory muscle weakness. To evaluate the diuretic response to high-dose furosemide in neonates with hyperkalemia, 20 episodes of hyperkalemia were treated with intravenous furosemide in 10 neonates at risk for catecholamine-induced cardiac arrhythmias. All patients had normal plasma potassium concentrations at the time of furosemide therapy. A calculated dose of at least 60 mg/kg/dose was administered as a bolus over 60 seconds. Hyperkalemia resolved in 7 episodes and was not altered in 11 episodes. Eight episodes of hyperkalemia treated with a dose of at least 40 mg/kg were followed by recurrence of hyperkalemia within 10 minutes in 7 of 8 episodes. In the neonates treated with this high-dose furosemide, 3 episodes of hyperkalemia recurred despite prompt rehydration and treatment of the underlying disorders (p




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