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Runes Illustrated by Vrilock

Vrilock draws the power of vril through the working of the rune staves. Vril is a continuous vital stream of natural waves that flows into the body from both the inner and outer spaces of the void, and enters the body’s various rates of frequencies via the center many refer to as the solar plexus chakra. The runes enter us when a bridge, Bifrost, is created via resonance of like frequencies between magician (vitki) and the cosmic system. Truly, the runes preexist within us, culturally, spiritually, and genetically. Yet, there is also a multitude of thought-forms, drifting as it were, throughout the universe, and in particular close proximity to the so-called ‘noosphere’ (The mental collective field of all humanity encapsulates our planet like a sheath or veil of electromagnetism).

Through the power of vril we energize the staves in our magical operations, draw vitality into our bodies, and weave the web of synchronicity in our lives. It is often thought that this working of the runes is an internal and preexisting system, but it is also an external object from which we can work with ancient power sources; namely, the gods.

While some of the runes are excellent tools for inner workings of the individual (quitting bad habits, building new strength, and shamanistic pursuits), there are many prospects for those who wish to project or transmit the runes. This can be particularly true of bind-runes (two or more runes combined together to form a new stave). To this pursuit, Vrilock gives an example of combining the Ice rune and Man rune to form the Ice-Man rune (good for focusing concentration, or halting disruptive activities stemming from human sources).

Feel free to work with these runes fashioned by Vrilock. You can work with these runes directly from your mobile device or computer monitor.


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