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Atmoskinesis July

From 7-6-18 to 7-12-18 Vrilock had a busy week of removing a series of storm threats to Japan, and some parts of the USA. In addition to this work, I have personally been helping a friend stave off poverty and sickness; a friend who is unable to return to his home country, because his government has betrayed him. And, we’re building better experiences for our web site members. So, “busy” is the word for us this week and weekend.

First, let’s talk about those storms. Well, a torrential rain system flooded western Honshu, well in advance of the oncoming super typhoon: Maria. 200 or so people died, and this tends to happen during these kinds of rains in Japan. We were able to quickly reduce this rain, but we caught on to the problem a bit late to begin the process. It takes some work to get magick to work in real-time. But, we can do it, and we’ll teach you how, as well.

Next, there was the super typhoon Maria to deal with directly, and we worked hard to turn it off its path. No time to dissipate this one, and it wasn’t going to. The route was changed, some reduction in strength, but it was determined. I met with some resistance while making the connection to this storm, but in the end we were able to land it as a tropical storm where it would be better absorbed by China’s terrain.

Aside from this work for other countries, old Vrilock spent some days changing systems in his own neck of the woods, some just for practice, other areas for necessity. I turned heavy thunderstorms into gentle rain, and moved temperatures around a bit to adjust comfort for our countrymen.

Did I use machines? Not necessary. If you take my occult concentration program you won’t need any most of the time. (I will explain this reasoning and other tools of the trade to my insiders club.)

But, now back to this typhoon bending business.

This turning away of typhoons isn’t really news. Vrilock has turned and sometimes dissipated, even teleported, over 40+ typhoons.

(What is news is that the good old Michael Snyder finally changed his ranting about Neoguri having swept inland deep into Tokyo, and quietly changed his article to reflect a simpler story, because I pointed out to his fellows that the storm never went inland, and I knew because I was living on that island at the time, and we checked numerous sources on the Japanese side of meteorology. If you haven’t noticed already these people want you to believe that the rapture is here, and the second coming draws near. Nothing could be further from the truth!)

Of course, there will be times when this kind of occult work doesn’t work out quite as expected. However, with extra training in focused-concentration (and my upcoming V.O.C.U.S. program for insiders), there are alternative measures which can lessen the expected damages from typhoons. Even earthquakes and mending mantels under islands and peninsulas (Which you will learn about in my Rune Rise Program if you decide to join me as an insider.)

Moreover, the discoveries and breakthroughs in psionics and the occult is always moving forward with our studious colleagues. My Initiates program through V.O.C.U.S. will allow members to join the fellowship with Vrilock and team.

Times are moving toward a new era of truth, and you will want to be there with us when we arrive!

So, if you’re just starting out about learning psionics then we have a fantastic series of practical guides for teaching our fellow occultists how to learn their way up to working the active psychic and magick abilities.

My Vrilock Practical Guides (VPG) were designed to bring even the beginner occultist to a higher awareness and get results. You’re going to love being able to work psionics in ways you may not have thought of before!

Read through the Vrilock Practical Guides (VPG), and contact my team with any questions you have about our programs.

I look forward to meeting our new insiders.

Recommended books in order of reading:

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