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Summoning the Spirits of Departed Patriots

Vrilock occult reports, patriots from the other side

One of the most astounding achievements for our organization, and for me as an occultist, has been the good fortune of my operations to manifest most miraculously in the world. So, when I speak of summoning the spirits of departed patriots, let me say, that by far this is one of the greatest of my achievements. I can conclude that at the least my operations in the occult have been blessed.

It was in 2017 when I was near ready to quit Facebook and leave my small group of people there to pursue my own venture on the web. My goal was simply to reestablish my old presence as Vrilock, something I began back in 2010 or so, but ultimately failed when I tagged along with other authors to the drum of Amazon. Of, all the messages I left with my group of people none was more important than to make your own path in the world by getting the hell out of a trapped-minded platform like Facebook. For many it was a difficult habit to break. So, I left many of my old posts there before deactivating my account, so that my trail of wisdom could be observed after my parting. The ultimate breakthrough in psionics remains with those colleagues. That groundbreaking experiment was the summoning of the spirits of the departed American patriots of the Second World War.

In summoning patriots we are not aiming at bringing back the soul of the person per say. Although, it wouldn’t be impossible for the soul to return of its own, I suppose. What we’re aiming for is the holographic memory, the spirit template of the patriot. Everyone who lives leaves some kind of mark in the noosphere and the earth when they die. The degree of power in this shadow of the departed person depends on the personal power of that individual, and possibly some other factors that I am currently ignorant of.

The operation of summoning or entreating these spirit personalities of the dead patriots is not entirely complex when it comes to psionics. In fact, it was easier for me to do because I had a close relationship with my departed grandfather, who was himself a veteran of the Korean War and World War Two. So, asking for some help, and visualizing my intent, was rather easy. Just took some time to do it, and the energy to make it real clear what I wanted.

What happened in 2017??

Why, that’s the fun part. I was rewarded with a vision of the souls of the dead rising from the earth and taking their places in the hearts of young and old incarnate people across the country. Never before have I felt my work so important—maybe not since bending super typhoon Neoguri.

The other method involved working with the runes to gain cooperation for our great champion. This is something I may detail in our Rune Rise Program for members of our Insiders Club.

What is more interesting about working with the departed is a sense of fellowship which does not terminate after death of the body. For some people this is terrifying. But, for me it has been a liberating and joyful experience. If my work has made a difference in the lives of my fellow Americans for the better, then I’m glad that I had the courage to try it. Certainly, there is an uncomfortable sensation about working with those spirits who were once alive. At least in the beginning. Everything is like that in the beginning.

As I've said many times before--The occult is not like Hollywood. There's nothing satanic about it, unless the individual makes it about that. We focus on the true mystery of the mind and its hidden abilities which comes from a relationship to a cosmic intelligence system (an intelligent and omniscient universe). Most of the time, as my colleague in Brazil once commented, "We often end up fighting for other people. Never give up. So, said my father."

And I believe our colleague is right.

In this business you don't get to wear a red cape and leap over tall buildings in a single bound. The general public will never salute you. And you're marked as an outsider by the majority of people. But, you may live to see these days renewed for the better, knowing that you and your colleagues had some part in this life-quest. And that in itself is a true reward. Because, my colleagues, we know the truth. This truth binds us together in a way that is spiritual and rewarding. So, thank you for working with me on some of these projects. We've made this network into a truly miraculous club and occult program.

And an even bigger thank you to my grandfather for working with me through this project to bring this spirit of patriotism back, and to all the spirits who participated. I believe the work we did made a difference for our country and our countrymen.

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