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Insiders Club of True Classical Occultists

Vrilock Insiders Club and the V.O.C.U.S. Program

Tom Vrilock and the Psionic Brotherhood opened the new occult club for classical occultists and magic this September to all colleagues who wish to join. So far the club has been a very good start with some really great people having come aboard to become true occult club members, and good friends. In this article we’ll talk a little about what we’ve covered this month, and also where we’re headed. You won’t want to miss out!

Last week in the Insiders Club for the true classical occultist we began our journey into the V.O.C.U.S. program with a starting point in the discovery of a new kind of machine for changing events, turning outcomes to our favor, and for analyzing psionic rates in a new advancement in radionics, magic, and occult technology.

This coming week Tom Vrilock will be answering questions, comments, and suggestions from our top club members in the true occultists club. So, if you’re a club member and you’re reading this article, make sure to contact Tom Vrilock with your questions, comments, or suggestions about the occult club before next Saturday’s Insiders Club meet up. For those who have not joined up yet, but who have expressed interest in the club, check your emails and newsletter shoutouts for your invite message. If you didn’t receive an invite, but you do want to join the occult club, please go to Vrilock and Colleagues’ contact page here >>> and send our henchstaff an inquiry about joining the club.

What else is new??

Well, quite a lot. In fact, often more content than we can manage to put into a newsletter or a blog post. Plus, we have an excellent relationship with our colleagues, which requires a great deal of messaging and keeping in contact. So, if you join the club we’ll be able to assist you with your needs more readily. It’s really a great club, folks. Mainly because all of our club members are honorable and great people coming together for a better occult world, and new advances in radionics and psionics.

We’re heading over into some new areas of working with a variety of psionics, spirit technology, and collaborating with colleagues on new design concepts. If you want to join in and get into something new and awesome about the occult, then the Insiders Club is eagerly anticipating your arrival in the club.

Some of the great topics we will cover include variable machines, spirit electives, and enhanced concentration methods that are far easier to achieve with the V.O.C.U.S. program than the ordinary occult study methods. We’re headed to a great place full of fun in learning, ease in the building process, and a collaborated effort to share knowledge among Insiders Club members. We will build it all for our colleagues, and we’re in the process of making it better until we’ve achieved the superb club for true classical occultists!

Here’s a sneak peak at what could also be coming to the club. The prayer-board collaborative effort projects. That’s right! We may very well begin a group of occultists working together with prayer-boards to make miraculous manifestations, and explore ways of bringing success, prosperity, and some good old fashioned abundance in wealth and goodies for our colleagues. Don’t let this fun and occult teamwork pass you by. You could make a friend or two in the near future who may benefit you greatly!

It is also been talked about with Team members that Vrilock is expected to do some video and slide presentations for radionics and psionics machine projects to help colleagues build their own devices very easily. These are advanced machine concepts, but made of materials which are easily acquired by just about anyone with access to Michaels, Ace Hardware, and eBay! Plus, every project is explained philosophically, technically, and with some fun concepts that all magicians, witches, and wizards will enjoy! Even if you’re just beginning to take an interest in metaphysics or occult and psychic exploration, these projects and documents are invaluable to any student or researcher of the occult.

You don’t have to be a big name research facility to get results in psychic development or occult technology. Tom Vrilock and colleagues will show you how to build instruments and work psychic exercises which are so easy, you’ll be amazed by the incredible results you achieve. Our aim is to help you achieve great results!

So, come join old Vrilock and Team in the Club. Send us a message inquiring about how to join, and we’ll get the conversation about new horizons in the occult started!

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

To inquire about joining the Vrilock Insiders Club, please write to our team by visiting here >>>

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