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Joshua P. Warren and the Miraculous Prayer-Board

Joshua P. Warren and the Miraculous Prayer-Board

Joshua P. Warren’s Daily Podcast

Yesterday evening was a historical moment which marked the beginning of a grand adventure into the world of the paranormal, the occult, and the wondrous mystery of magic and the human spirit. And with a new friend and colleague Vrilock and the Psionic Brotherhood move into new and exciting realms of possibility.

You may be familiar with the name Joshua P. Warren. He is known as the expert in all things paranormal. Perhaps you’ve heard Joshua on awesome talk radio programs like Coast to Coast AM/ The Art Bell Show/ The George Noory Show or on television and the news. Well, you’re going to see him on television if you tune in to the Travel Channel on this Halloween! So, I’d like to take this moment of your time to extend a warm welcome to our newest colleague in the Vrilock network, Joshua P. Warren.

Joshua has taken a passionate interest in our current work and research about the occult and psionics.

Welcome aboard, Joshua!

As the story goes, last night Mr. Joshua P. Warren called me on the phone to talk about the miraculous prayer boards I made for him, and here is what he had to say >>>

We also talked about bringing to fruition a meet up with Charles W. Cosimano (known to his fans as Uncle Chuckie) to do a possible video together. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about these kinds of events! Subscribe here >>>

Getting back to the topic of our conversation with Joshua, we learned that the prayer-board can manifest results for people rather quickly. As I’ve stated in my recent video, the prayer-board is the closest thing to a quick spiritual solution in the world of magick and the occult.

These prayer-boards have helped a number of our colleagues, and on many levels. Whether it is spiritual wellness, subtle energy healing, drawing more customers to your business, or simply chanting a prayer to the cosmic mind of the universe, these instruments are as effective as they are elegantly simple. The prayer-board has certainly worked to bring me into contact with good friends, strategic business-partnering relationships, and helpful spirits.

I have personally used this instrument to help my top and closest colleagues with the healing of loved ones, and much more. Now, this simple and elegant instrument can be yours! Join this adventure into the power of the heart chakra by first reading the book that will prepare you for the ultimate journey of the power of the human spirit!

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