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Vrilock Reviews Joshua P. Warren’s Emerald Wand!

Click image to watch this video review!

Aahhh! I see that you have discovered a magical item! Well, I have one as well. What item is this that we speak of? Why, it is the Emerald Wand, handcrafted by the master of all things mysterious and paranormal, Joshua P. Warren! Yess! And good old Vrilock is going to tell you all about it!

First of all, when I first received this wand from Joshua, I was immediately impressed by the skilled craftsmanship of this wand. The texture feels—ahem—good held in the hand, and the curves of the wand make for a fine grip—You won’t drop this wand, like some of the wands I’ve purchased from other people. No, indeed. This wand is truly worthy of a master of magick. So, naturally, I’m going to keep mine for many years to come.

In addition to being a fine work of art, this wand comes with a laser engraved pendant. What is on this pendant? Why, it is a money sigil discovered by the power of water and frequency! You’ll have to see Joshua’s video to learn more about this! But, I assure you that this pendant on hemp cord is quite lovely. But, that’s not all. The wand and pendant come with a letter of authentication with Joshua’s signature—AND this letter includes instructions for using the Emerald Wand!

So, what have I been up to with this wand? Well, I’m currently working on a special project. You must suffer my video in order to learn just what exactly I’m doing with this wand. Mulahahahaaaa! Yess! But, I can tell you that I have been able to do things with this wand that some of you may not have guessed it could be used to accomplish. I can remove depression from others, and myself with Joshua P. Warren’s Emerald Wand. Just point at the heart chakra and will positive energy to enter at the heart. Nothing could be more simple! Oh, but that’s not all, kiddies! I have cleared clouds and unhappy weather with this wand! But of course. Why not? Surely this wand can do much more than bring us wealth or the objects of our desire. And, it was with this thought in mind that I projected happiness and clearing into the skies above, and lo and behold it was cleared! And in the midst of a trail of rather unpleasant weather. Plus, by wielding this wand and focusing on my intent, I have been able to bring some clients to our secret Insiders Club from just about everywhere in the world. Men and women are finding their way to my great fellowship. (Hint. Hint. Join us. Fill out a survey!)

Oh, but enough of this merriment! You should really watch my video to learn more. Besides, my fingers are best saved for more interesting work than typing this blog. Nobody reads anymore, anyway. Hahaaa! I’m sure you’ll want to have a wand of your own. And this wand feels just right. This is more important than you realize. Just the feel and sensation an object, particularly a magical, can give you will make the difference in performing the miraculous and penetrating the mysterious. And if you’re attempting to penetrate the mysterious, a stop by Joshua P. Warren’s web site will find you all the goodies you need to get you started!

Rock on!


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