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Telemechanics vs. Techno Tyranny

Break free from the technocracy!

How we are accustomed to machines is what makes psionics possible. This also gives magick power over technology and science in some degree. So, for us it is no small wonder when my book on psionic robots goes missing in route to Norway, disappearing completely in Beijing. This is because some people who are willing to think outside of the box (what works vs. why/ how it works) can reap the benefits of a hidden and occult power. Psionics. Radionics. Psionic Robots. Occult focused concentration. And so on. Now, we are ready to look at the new stuff nobody else is talking about—*telemechanics.

Technology in the hands of the globalists is poised to enslave us. Numerous whitepapers, blogs, reports, and videos already detail these plans. I don’t need to prove it to you. But, what will you do about it? Vrilock offers you telemechanics and kinetics magick as a course of study. Now it is your turn. What will you do? Will you rise above the machine mind and the technocracy? Or will you submit to the terminator and the borg?

Whan I first discovered I could not only read machines, but also influence their behavior/ functions, I also realized that my mind must be adaptive to changing my brainwave frequencies as a result of my individualist concentration and meditation practices. I remember being able to sense and read machines, but my full realization of being able to influence technology did not happen until one afternoon when I successfully brought up an onscreen keyboard on a Windows tablet PC without touching the screen. The full story of this is included in my book ‘The Wondrous Wheel! VPG-3’ >>>

Eleven more tries and I was able to bring up the onscreen keyboard on three different devices; a Windows tablet PC, an Android tablet, and an iPad. The ability began to phase out a little over a couple of weeks, and this moved me to realize yet another discovery about how occult power works. How it works is something most scientists will scratch their head over. But, I have an idea about this, and again it is explained in my book ‘The Wondrous Wheel! VPG-3’.

Overall I realized that I had developed for myself a rather unique training method in the quiet lab room in my residence in Japan. The rather peaceful and harmonious environment provided me with the space and time I needed to pursue these discoveries. And now I am brining the knowledge to all who would read my book ‘The Wondrous Wheel! VPG-3’.

Where are we at as a society? Technologically speaking, we can’t even move forward with technology as a blessing because we’re stuck here with the dramatists/ globalists. Really, we should be using bots to mine areas of the east coast, while living a civilized high tech life on the west coast. Or perhaps even something better than this working poor kind of lifestyle being pitched at us from either party of politicians.

Moreover, many of us should already be involved in colonizing outer-space, other planets, moons, and going to infinity and beyond! Why in hell’s name are we still here stuck on this miserable MONOPOLY board game of a planet???

Well, I believe you know the answer. Or at least you’ve guessed at it. Somewhere in the remote recesses of your mind the same frustration resides under the ripples of subconscious pools, where these thoughts are eddying in darkness. You must bring this up into the light of the conscious mind and learn to focus! There’s nothing mysterious about this occult power! There’s nothing devilish about magick unless you dress it up that way.

Our final Vrilock Practical Guide to Telemechanics and Kinetics—The Wondrous Wheel! VPG3—opens the doors to this ability of mentally sensing and influencing machines and systems with your mind alone. You may read this book. Build the instrument in it. Enjoy the bonus comics. And when you’re ready to move forward learning more, then our Insiders Club awaits you.

Join our spiritual family! Become one of us! A better world awaits those who will train to rebuild the world circuit! Kind of reminds me of that initial Star Craft game or joining the Jedi in Star Wars. But, I think most people will agree that the Psionic Brotherhood is more like the Avengers. We can have fun as we learn, and in the process—heck!—a better world is being created for generations to come. How can you say no to what we’re doing as a team? We rock!

Rock on!


*The ability to read/ influence machines (and sometimes systems of any kind)

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