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Trust the Magick

Many of the folks I’ve encountered in daily life on the street, at work, at family gatherings, in my school days tend to say things like “You are so lucky to have traveled the world, and that good things have happened for you.” This is, as a matter of course, the quick assumption response to things like my resume or a shared photograph from my travels, or some off topic conversation that happens to arise in the group. The native American Indians had a saying “Walk a mile in his moccasins” or something rather like that. So, for a couple of minutes I’d like my readers to imagine putting on my shoes and taking an imaginary journey with me backward in time.

Well, now, here we are in the past-life of Vrilock. And in truth many bad things have also happened to me, and more often than not life has been rather difficult along this journey. I’ve wrestled out of fixes, healed from severe injuries, overcome painful and unrelenting illnesses -some of which happened repeatedly every month or every other month while living abroad in an extremely different climate. Oh, but the list goes on. So, I will digress.

More to the point, there has been nothing of luck to do with any of this. There is an enigma behind the life of every person, and some things everyone must figure out for themselves. But, I do not put much faith in the so-called luck. Because, luck is really just a thought-form running random values left behind by a careless soul. While it is true that there are guides and spirits we have intervened with along the road of life, the majority of the time I was pulling off some serious magick and focused concentration to overcome many obstacles. I want to share this with my readers, followers, and brothers and sisters of the Psionic Brotherhood and the VOCUS program. While I do not believe in luck in the contemporary sense, I do believe in focused will. That is, I tend to view life in much the same way as the old Green Lantern comic books. And that is, “We must ‘will’ our survival [victory]!”

My work in magick is sometimes similar to the stage magician in the sense that there is preparation, training, and a lot of details going into the act of performing the magick. This has been the long ride, with many twists and turns, ups and downs. Throughout and overall I have been very successful in my operations. But, let’s talk a little more about trusting magick.

In times when things are down or when we have a pitch of bad luck, I often reflect on the fact that I can get things patched up later—magically. In the early years of my life, particularly, the ability to meditate became rather crucial for me. Whenever I looked at the long road ahead or down the uncertain path of life, if I were going to be without a job or unable to pay for school, I often thought “I’ll always have that moment in meditation when everything is perfect.” Somehow this comforted me. Yet, there is much more to this purposeful blog than expressing my ability to find comfort. Magick works, and we must always remember the magick.

Trust the magick!

Years ago magick was painstakingly difficult. Today it’s just the turn of some dials and the flip of a switch, like using those wishing machines sold by Joshua P. Warren or those psionics instruments made by Charles Cosimano and Dr. Mulder. Even better we have arrived at a time when the most perfect metaphysical arrangement has been produced, simply yet elegantly. The prayer board is that perfected instrument! So easy to use—just place my hands on it and close my eyes, and before I know it I am in a balanced state and my heart chakra is communicating to the world. So many times it has saved me from depression, near fits of rage, and despair. A number of times we have been preserved in the midst of doom, as houses flooded down into the streets like splinters of wood, and I jumped on my prayer board for a quick prayer for a miracle, which was made clear and coherent by the very nature of this instrument! Prior to this it was hours and years of intense meditation before this wondrous discovery was made, and the prayer board invented.

Magick works. So, I often reflect on how I should never forget that. Here’s another story of why I believe this.

It was many years ago when I parted ways with a high school friend, someone who I had shared some telepathic ability with in my youth. Well, at some time during the absence of this friend I had a vivid dream in which he and I kneeled around a mysterious cone, sparks flying around in it. This friend spoke to me, “Don’t forget the magick.” Well, I woke up with the anticipated problems of the day running through my head like a background program on a computer platform loading the operating system. I realized this instantly. So, I shook it off and repeated my secret mantras to realign my mind with the cosmic mind.

When all else fails we can just knock on the sky for awhile. Well, it used to be that way. Yet, it seems that every year things get busier and more crowded in our lives. Magick has had to evolve into gadgetry and instruments we can use in place of the much time honored meditative methods. It simply becomes a necessity in an increasingly busy world. Dare I say busy-minded world? RSS feeds, Text Messages from bots, and a constant slew of news junky and politico jargon is beamed at us at the speed of light on a daily basis. We’re immersed in layer after layer of EMF and wifi energy fields—not only when we go out to dinner or to work in the office, but while we are at home nested between cellular towers and various electrical signals. And the opinions and trends flood our eyes and ears. Magick still has a place in all of this, if not now more so than ever before.

With magick we can take meditation a step further. In fact, magical arrangements can help act as road maps, and the various radionics equipment crafted by geniuses like Dr. Mulder can act as a GPS system for the magical world—And do so much more than this! I remember the first time I plugged my helmet into a Pragmatron built by Dr. Mulder, designed by Charles Cosimano, I had a flickering image of electro light filter into my mind’s eye and light up the back of my inner eyelids with imagery. Fantastic! So, now we can move to the magick a lot faster than we could in the old days of herbs, stones, and candles. Much more effectively as well.

In my past of working with magick I entered into realms of light and shadow, intense movement or vibration. Interdimensional minds communed with my mind. I forgot the pains and disharmony of young love relationships, as I entreated the magical formulas and patterns of medieval magicians. With psionics I moved to new levels of dynamic and kinetic magick. And now we are arrived at the secret to building psionic robots and prayer boards which work with the secret blessing of Vrilock.

Like the magick of old, even science falls short of truly satisfying the human spirit’s desire for independent knowledge. While we may marvel at the captured image of an atom, for instance, we may forget that at some level our minds are part of this mysterious component of the universe, and in all possibilities it may be our own minds which are creating these particles which we later discover in the laboratories across the world. Insane? The naked and raw universe is insane to the collective and absolutist mind of humanity. Alien and mysterious is the cosmos. And this is all perfectly well for the magician to work his or her devices and instruments in pursuit of endless wonder and true joy of learning—forever and indefinitely! This is the true gift of the cosmos and the cosmic mind, and our joy in the pursuit of infinity and eternity is put to work in our labor and love of magick!

How could it be that magick is so wondrous?

To explain would be an ineffective approach. Let Mr. Science and Mr. Politico do that sort of thing. We don’t explain things here. Now, for the student of magick he must experience for himself this true joy of all that is the occult. Oh, but what the hell, and why don’t I just share with you a story of my own!

While living abroad I was unable to attend my grandmother’s funeral. Yet, I was gladdened to say my goodbyes before her death during a Skype conversation. Ah, the wonders of technology! Well, the very next day she passed away peacefully. AND, some days later I awoke in the dreamworld, and in a realm so vivid that I knew this place to be another reality. A door opened before me and there on a quilted blanket sat my grandmother and grandfather waiting for me (My grandmother loved to make her own blankets). So, I played a game of checkers with my departed grandfather while my grandmother brewed coffee in another room of this astral constructed house.

So what happened here???

Why, I was sure that I had been in the presence of my grandparents, and that this was no ordinary dream. So certain of this I am, that I wonder if anything we perceive in life whether awake or adrift in dreamland is of any more or less real. If that makes sense. In essence, all that we perceive as being real or not real enters into our minds, and then these signals takes various twists and turns through a matrix of conditioners in the web of our various neural channels. All else is perceived as objective reality, measured by external instrumentation, and agreed upon by what is fashionably popular for the time period in which it was discovered.

I tend to view the world in much the same way as H. P. Lovecraft wrote of in his story The Call of Cthulhu, chapter one: The Horror in Clay. And those words are: “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. […]” Although, my old mentor Uncle Chuckie disagrees with one thing Lovecraft penned into this fiction, and that is the part about us being “…not meant that we should voyage far […]” Charles believes that we were meant to travel the entire universe. And I must agree that this is quite possibly what we are or one day will be capable of doing. Still, I do view our disposition to this rather alien universe as quite ironic and evasive of our current level of understanding. That is, somehow our minds are not adequately equipped to conceive of the truth of the universe, or that we are so socially conditioned and institutionally processed throughout our civilian lives that we cannot possibly fathom the great mystery. Yet, if we were to ask the Aboriginal peoples of Australia for their interpretation of the reality we live in, these indigenous people might convey to us in the western world that we are all trying to learn how to survive in infinity. I believe that it was Michael Talbot who wrote about this view of the Aboriginal people in his book “The Holographic Universe”.

As the Aboriginal people viewed the universe as dream realities within dream realities, or so I gather, I believe that my involvement in magick allowed me to take better control over my supernatural experiences. So, in the course of my learning to quiet and control my mind, and through my learning of various magical systems and arrangements, those things which were once purportedly supernatural became instead quite natural. And magick is natural. It begins as a calling, often, as in my own case, beginning with a series of visitations from spirits or inter-dimensional entities. When we start on the path of learning magick as a technology of the arcane arts, then we arrive at a newly shaped state of mind, far different from the conditioned upbringing from institutions and society. We are introduced to the golden walls or gates which upon we entreat the various oracles or intelligence patterns, and our minds expand with a newly discovered universe.

“You’ve taken your first step into a larger world[…]”

Obi-wan Kenobi

Star Wars - A New Hope

Prior to magical learning I was left to the fate of whatever spirits I was subject to as a child. Many interesting encounters occurred. Often these were frightening. Yet, after magick these forces which had ‘seemingly’ been outside of my control were now subject to my will. And, I reflect more often now that these rather frightening experiences were not intended to truly harm me most of the time. Rather, the fear allows one to remember. We often forget the good, fluffy, and happy stuff in life. People are prone to reflect upon the things which are deemed bad memories or frightening. Spirits seem to realize this as well. Thus the messages. In other encounters there were a few attempts to cause harm. With magick these sort of things become more and more under the control of the individual magician, and not just the whim of an uncaring and unfeeling cosmos.

Rise above the doldrums of the old conditioned thinking, and embrace the Vrilock journey!

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