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Enchanting the New Prayer Board!

Psionic Manifestation Dynamo Prayer Board Joshua P. Warren

I’ve been a pioneer of psionics for some thirty years, and at long last I have an instrument which truly fulfills everything I need for manifestation operations.

I received the first prayer board made by Joshua P. Warren as a gift! The very first one! This instrument is truly beautiful, and I regard it not only as an occult instrument but also as a work of art. The prayer board is slick, smooth, shiny, and aesthetic throughout the entirety of its design. But, there is more to this prayer board than meets the eye. And it is this magical aspect of this instrument for which I write today.

Let us begin!

We will begin with enchantment of the instrument known as the Miraculous Prayer Board. Yes, while the instrument is already a dynamo for psionic manifestation of all kinds, there is a method which entered into my mind from the cosmic intelligence system or the cosmic mind, the force. I was sitting quietly with my prayer board instrument when my mind opened up and I received this instruction from the power of the force!

The first intuition was to lie down and rest the prayer board over my chest so as to pick up energy from my heart chakra. And so I did this. The result was a flickering light or an image of a white light in my mind’s eye.

Next, I took the prayer board into a little room I arranged in a spare closet to create a closed in space for absolute isolation. I set the prayer board down on a desk and followed the instructions outlined by Joshua P. Warren which came with the prayer board instrument.

It was during this session of meditation in which I received a connection with my higher self. I was asking this prayer board to help me reconnect with the cosmic mind on a stronger level of awareness. You know, sort of fine tuning my connection to God if you will. And, when I did this I felt something that I cannot fully describe in words. I can only tell you that new methods of working with this prayer board entered into my mind from a doorway to my higher self!

So, I set this prayer board before me, removing my fingers from the contacts. I just sort of propped it up against a small box on my desk, moving it into place until the instrument could stand on its own at eye level. Then I went to work on my hunch about occult power enhancements to the instrument.

I aimed my trained occult focus and psionic mind on the psionic pattern at the center of the prayer board. Letting my mind go into the arrangement I felt that heightened state of awareness rise and my mind lock onto the crystal nested in the gold hexagon psionic pattern.

What I will tell you is this…

All you need to do is get one of these prayer boards, then charge the prayer board with the following thought each day - “Work miracles for me!” And that is all you have to do to really enchant this instrument. This simplicity in the method is due to this instrument being a psionic instrument. That is, there is no need for lengthy or sometimes messy rituals of any kind. No, indeed! This is a clean and pure mind-spirit working instrument! This is Joshua P. Warren’s version of the Miraculous Prayer Board! And it works!

Just after using my prayer board Joshua had success in getting the word out to many people about this instrument. In fact, Joshua may have to create another batch as these instruments are going to be sold out.

But, why is the prayer board so important to have?

The answer to this is simple. Often our prayers or wishes for manifestation never come to fruition. This is due to an incoherency in the way the human mind works. But, with a psionic instrument like this prayer board everything we wish for is organized and super-charged before the prayer or wish enters what I call the cosmic intelligence system. One needs to know how to operate within this cosmic intelligence system in order to be truly effective in magic or occult power or spiritual miracle working. And this instrument makes it possible for someone who has no psionics training to get that extra edge in an ever changing and ever more strange world.

I recommend that you purchase one of Joshua P. Warren’s prayer boards, and then come join my club to get all the spiritual help you need. Our success rate for solving problems and empowering club members is virtually 100%. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not too good, but rather that which is truly good in this world is usually a rare jewel that is often passed up due to disbelief or distrust. You’ll find that all of my club members, both brothers and sisters of our psionic order, trust me and I trust them.

Join our spiritual family! Become a prayer board paladin, a warrior of spiritual faith! And rock on into the future with a team that is like The Avengers or the Jedi Temple!

You’ll be happy when you become one of us! Shared knowledge and spiritual support is in the Vrilock Club!

What to do next?

Go to and get yourself a miraculous prayer board to get accustomed to working with a psionic instrument. Don’t worry… the instrument is easy to use. Link: >>>

Next, come to our web site and take our Colleagues Interests survey to start the conversation with Vrilock and Team. We will look at your survey and invite you to our sacred club for humanity and psionics! You’ll be able to join our league of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen and the psionic brotherhood as a club member, and participate in projects to heal, mend, and improve the world. Plus, you’ll be training in the area of self-empowerment via occult focus and psionics enhancement!

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