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Romancing the Miraculous Prayer Board

Joshua P. Warren The Miraculous Prayer Board

Have you ever felt that it is difficult to tell someone how you feel? Perhaps given your circumstances it is impossible to find the time to even communicate your feelings to that special someone you'd like to know a whole lot more intimately. What if this prayer board instrument could share your direct feelings via empathic transmitting via psionics? Perhaps it is time for you to romance the miraculous prayer board to procure that special person!

The volume of interest in the Miraculous Prayer Board grows as people discover just how easy and smart this instrument is to operate. No batteries required. The instrument is a Psionic biocircuit which sends your wish and a prayer to a power crystal! But, wait... some people would like to use a photo witness to better lock in the apple of their eye when it comes to romancing the Miraculous Prayer Board. So, read on to learn how I do this!

As you may already realize the work-surface of this instrument is entirely black acrylic. This design is intended to absorb all of that energy leaving your thumbs or fingers. So, all I do is place a photograph of the witness directly underneath the board. (Join my club and learn even more secrets!)

Easy! Well, why not add a little more power? Draw yourself a series of concentric circles on parch,ent. Place the photograph representing that special someone inside the circle. Next, lay the Miraculous Prayer Board over the arrangement.

Lastly, you will listen to some romantic music, and touch the prayer board.

Of course you may also add sigils for love or procuring a mate to this magick arrangement. The psionic pattern at the center of the geometric work-surface will amplify your feelings of love or desire to this person, and the balanced geometry of the prayer board will bring about a harmonious outcome in your life path.

Joshua P. Warren has produced the newest version of the Miraculous Prayer Board! This is the ultimate daily—every day use—manifesto circuit for psionics!

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