Joining the Two Prayer Boards

Joshua Warren and Tom Vrilock Miraculous Prayer Boards

During a messaging session with one of my club members, our brother Shawn asked for some prayers and assistance about a certain difficulty he is having. So, being my lab is still under construction I realized a little more focused work on my part would need to be done. To accomplish this I set aside some time to work on Shawn over the weekend.

Now, what we ordinarily do is get to know our club members a little, and then guide the club members through various meditations and occult focus exercises. While club member are working on their own Vrilock will on occasion send energy or set up balanced energy work structures or constructs to help the student or club member boost that power.

So in essence Vrilock is working alongside the club members to help manifest the final result. That is the point here. Prosperity for the club.

As I was saying, my lab is not entirely complete. And this process may take well into next week. So, to lend a little aid I have been working with mental psionics. This is where I keep the focus on emphasizing the positives for the person (including for myself) throughout the meditation.

As well, I decided to do something different with my prayer board work for Shawn.

Allow for me to introduce you to the new method of prayer board stacking!

Here we make use of the Miraculous Prayer Board designs by Tom Vrilock and Joshua P. Warren. The Miraculous Prayer Board designed by Tom Vrilock is used as the base work-surface to prepare a hallowed and strong holy stead. Then the Miraculous Prayer Board designed by Joshua P. Warren is placed on top of the arrangement, neatly aligned with the work-surface. This addition of the Joshua Warren Prayer Board creates a powerful psionic boost by the design of an important psionic circuit which lends a mighty punch to the output of the magick arrangement.

To effectively work this arrangement of the prayer board via psionics, Vrilock works with his occult focused-concentration skill, and the developed intuitive abilities of psychometric infusion and Cosmic Intelligence magick. The results shall be rather impressive to say the least. In Shawn’s case we detect a special event in the possible web of the future events. So, to make the work effective Vrilock will focus on emphasizing this detected potential with powerful psychic thought and visualization, along with the aid of other tools of the trade.

The two prayer boards working together have a most satisfying flow which I detect through my hands, and I am able to fully merge my mind and spirit with like no other instruments before! Overall I love these two instruments so much. For one thing I feel an undeniable connection to something greater and above my own ego. I sense that a relationship to something better than myself is established. And this lends to me a sense of completeness in my life that I never fully had accomplished in my wonderings through the various magical systems. A pure and direct path opens before me. I find that this has been true for a number of people whom I have built prayer board for. There are very few people who remain in the negative and downs after learning this system for working with the prayer boards, currently of which there are two; one made by my own hands, and then a beautifully crafted Prayer Board by Joshua P. Warren and his wife Lauren.

During my first publicized work with the prayer board I tackled the super typhoon Neoguri. Following this I worked via my auric hands kinetic magick to raise Halong high into the atmosphere. It wasn’t until 2016 that I found reason to use the prayer board to help the United States of America, and it was probably the greatest work I ever did perform. Later, I went on to work a spiritual wellness method for Dave Schrader’s daughter with his permission. We worked on Tommy Robinson’s freedom for many hours and days. There were times when this prayer board was put to the task of healing a club member’s mother with great success, including a mending of relationship between mother and son. Another club member needed some help during pregnancy to ensure that her financial future would be taken care of during and after delivery of her child. Another club member needed to get out of a hurtful attachment to someone who was putting him down, and refocus on getting his own feet back on the ground, and with coaching and meditation with Vrilock he has achieved focus, a new skillset, and an awesome new job! And the list goes on. We are one of the most powerful, though not necessarily wealthy, fraternity type of clubs for psionics and human spirit advancement.

These prayer boards are good for you to practice empowering your faith and filling your human spirit. But not only this… you can extend this spirit to many other people. And much, much more.

While I am adamant about helping my club members, many world issues, and so on, I also have my own personal goal to help my wife, my mother, my younger brother, my aunt, our animals at home, and a friend and his family in times of difficulty. I believe that by helping others become happy and successful that this makes all of us successful and prosperous people. This is because we are all part of a greater cosmic All. And the truth of the matter is that we can all be Vrilock. We can all find that elemental power of spirit within, and then learn to bring this out and work miraculous manifestations in our own lives and in the lives and hearts of other people.

Miraculous Prayer Boards work as a circuit for the power of prayer. When we put our hands together in prayer, when we join hands with other people, we are created a circuit. These prayer boards are designed to bring all of that energy and power of the heart chakra into a powerful balanced holy (sacred geometric) work-surface, or like with Joshua Warren’s prayer board one works with a psionic circuit that has a boost from a pure and untampered crystal acting as a mighty transmitter.

My working with the Miraculous Prayer Board helped to manifest a couple of meetings with Joshua P. Warren, bring together my family after many years apart, and help club members on a number of levels. And so much more this instrument can do with the right group of people helping you in our magick study program. The only problem is when we don’t take that first step to learn. I was in that mindset myself many, many years ago until I stepped forward to do spiritual work. Once you take this step forward into the spirit work you will be transformed for the good. So, bring in the good into your life and the lives of other around you!

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