Turn Daydreaming to a Magick Manifesto Dynamo!

So you want to turn your daydreams into reality manifestation? It’s as easy as follows…

Got headphones?


Download your favorite music?


Ready your prayer board instrument?


You’re ready to rock, buddy!

Copy that!

Psionics is easy if you do it the right way! And you can manifest anything or make changes to the world that make the world a better place as you see it! At long last you can have your voice heard. Not by politicians. No, no, no! I’m talking about having your voice heard by a power that actually matters. We’re talking about you rock’n with the power of the universe! You’re a ruler of your own destiny with this miraculous prayer board instrument! Forget about what your teachers told you in school about not daydreaming. Now, find out why your daydreams actually do matter!

People ordinarily waste the energy of their daydreaming, never achieving the things that they wish for or desire. Psionics is the key to turning this daydreaming into a reality. But, then why is it that the psionic helmet and radionic box sometimes yields results, but most of the time it just falls short of manifesting our desired dream-come-true?

To resolve psionics a master occultist like myself would use variable machines and literal spirit boxes, but this is ordinarily too complicated for beginners. So, Tom Vrilock invented the Miraculous Prayer Board instrument to help ordinary people manifest through the power of our emotional energies with a sacred and balanced geometric psionic circuit! If you join my club I can help you build a roadmap to magical and psionics success! Sound like a mouthful? Not to worry. You don’t even have to understand how it works. You just gotta do it brother!

How? Well, just read on.

So, you like magick? Love to rock? Enjoy smooth tunes or awesome beats? Well, the Miraculous Prayer Board can turn your music listening hobby into a reality manifesting spell! Psionic daydreaming is now a productive part of your life! But you need the power and you need to have this instrument!

Let me tell you more about it!

Use the prayer board to carry your good vibes and awesome musical tunes through a sacred geometric and balanced psionic circuit. Watch this power of the occult and psionics manifest your heart’s desire most miraculously.

Exactly how does this work?

The technicality is rather straightforward. Forget about the twists and turns in mainstream new-age publications. Just forget it. Think heart center (chakra), power flowing from the chest and the crown of your head, down along your shoulders and arms, through your hands into the prayer board instrument.

The means by transference of intent is based on the concept of psychometry, which is recognized by numerous detectives for solving crimes and mysterious for many years now.

The problem? Well, most people simply think that some people are psychic and other people are not. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We’re all made of the same stuff, but we are physically and mentally expressed in different degrees. I knew when I was a small child that I have an aura, that there is power within my spirit, but I had to go on a journey to discover the most effective means of bringing out and using this ability. Once I discovered that we are all interconnected, and that we share a belonging to a much more powerful cosmic ‘something’, then it all became crystal clear to me!

So, I’m going to make this clear to you now…

Purchase a prayer board instrument. You can get one of my Miraculous Prayer Boards or you can buy one with a nice gold psionic pattern from Joshua P. Warren. I use both, and I have used both at the same time stacked one on top of the other.

The results are awesome!

How can I say this to you? Well, because I’m just a person like you. I’m not a big Hollywood star or CEO or public figure. I’m just a guy in a mask who understands how to bend the forces of the universe so effectively that I can bring big faces like Joshua P. Warren, and some other famous writers, radio hosts all to my attention. I can manifest meetings with the world’s top minds and pioneers in psionics and radionics. I can mend relationships, and I can build friendships with awesome people.

But, you wanna know a secret?—So can you!

Watch the prayer board video by Joshua P. Warren to learn more! >>>

Watch my prayer board video to see my original design on YoutTube >>>

Or go to my Shop page and read about the product>>>

And above all else, if you have a sincere question, please message me at vrilock.com/contact !!!

I am here to help you turn your daydreams into a magical new reality!

Rock on!

- Tom Vrilock

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