Prayer Board Origins:
Egregore of the Miraculous Prayer Board and the Origin of Phenomenon!

Planet Vrilock Psionics Podcast

Brother Yvan, Psionic Knight and Vrilock Club Insider, has shared with us his success with the Miraculous Prayer Board within some months of working through our program! But that’s not all… Yvan asked Vrilock to talk about what kind of Egregore the Miraculous Prayer Board might be tied to!

The Miraculous Prayer Board is based on the symbol of the hexagram, which is a powerful psionic pattern! Also, the hexagram is an ancient symbol trailing back to the Arabs artwork.

Hexagrams go back to the Middle Ages, and it was referred to as the Seal of Solomon, the son of King David. However, the hexagram dates back to the Hanafi dynasty.

We believe that the symbolism dates further back than we may realize, and ties into many cultures across the globe. For instance, the hexagram is used to represent the tribes of Israel in Africa. The symbol also ties directly into the entity referred to as Purusha, who is the supreme being in Hinduism.

The upside triangle represents sky and man. The downward triangle represents earth and woman. These two triangles crossing over produces a perfect hexagon, which is in psionics a balanced geometric energy surface.

Purusha represents the continuous work of bringing God and man back into balance.

These triangular symbols of man/woman trail back to the work of alchemy, both used for the dark side of the force and the light side. The dark side of alchemy works sexual energies and sacrifice for immortality; whereas the light workers use these symbols for returning us to grace with the cosmic force or the Cosmic Mind.

The Tibetans work with the hexagram and the swastika, which is combined into a symbol for the ‘origin of phenomenon’.

Whatever background you come from, regardless of spiritual belief, I believe that this hexagram will bring us into balance as a world wide spiritual awakening.

This instrument—the Miraculous Prayer Board—fulfills an oath to bring us all back into one spiritual humanity!

What will you do with your Miraculous Prayer Board?

Until next time… Keep the magick high!

Vrilock signing out!

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