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Psionics and Disclosure

Psionics Disclosure and the American Way

Psionics and Disclosure

There is a lot more power in your hands than you think. In fact, this power comes from your mind, and there are instruments we can all use to emphasize and direct this power. Disclosure of true events and hidden agendas is no different from any other psionics project.

Think about it.

There is a lot of information coming forth. Well, no doubt some of that information is going to get mixed up with disinformation.

What can you do?

Simply, learn a little about dowsing. In my Vrilock Insiders Club I have documents like Dowsing 101 which can get you started fast and easy!

What else?

You can learn to tune your mind into the world circuit, and feel or know just about anything. The Vrilock Psionics Club gives you videos, audios, and journals/ documents on this topic of the world circuit and the Vrilock New Thought-Movement.

Like no other time in history we will be challenged with distinguishing between truths revealed, and just the facts being presented to us within a fixed narrative. Of course there is a magical solution to determining what we are hearing or seeing is truth or just another narrative to support the agenda of special interests.

Let us take an actual example of truth being distorted.

I was living in Japan for several years. During one of the greatest threats to the mainland of Japan I began working with a Miraculous Prayer Board I had designed as a prototype for empathic energy and balanced psionics geometric power. The super typhoon Neoguri reduced power, then curved away from Japan’s mainland of Honshu, and just brushed the coast of Tokyo before disappearing into the ocean never to be seen again. Then a report came out from a journalist, Michael Snyder, telling us that Neoguri rampaged through Tokyo. I did some dowsing, and determined that this was not true. So, I then asked some colleagues in Japan to double check the meteorological sources in Japanese, which then corresponded with my dowsing results. The narrative of Mr. Snyder may have been a mistake, but the point is that dowsing and psionics allowed for me to discover the truth. Later, I checked and the original article had been changed in narrative, and shortened. What is out there right now in reports is no longer of concern to me. For, I realized in my own personal space that I could divine certain truths and think for myself. Psionics gives us this advantage over the rest of the people who aren’t bothering to learn it. Not because it is hard to learn. Rather, the majority of people don’t realize that psionics works, and it works for reasons we cannot explain scientifically. That is because it does not work within a fixed system of repeatability, but requires a little training and adaptability to work with. This is explained in my audio logs in the Vrilock Insiders Club.

Aren’t you at the very least curious about how much you can learn to use psionics? Imagine what the benefits could be in your own life! Why not get started today? You don’t even have to think it over, because everything is in the club waiting for you to read, listen to, watch videos about psionics empowerment. And much more in the Insiders Club Shop!

Learn how to use a pendulum for dowsing answers. Discover the world circuit and the world psionic radio instrument. Plus, you’ll get in-depth documents and audio’s on the working of the Miraculous Prayer Board! And so much more!

As a Vrilock Club Insider you will be given all kinds of materials to learn from, plus you’ll hear about special projects like psionics for disclosure of UFO’s, and more!

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