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Psionics and Radionics Tethering Magick

Psionics Vrilock Tethering Operatiojns

Hello my fellow psionic knights of the Psionic Brotherhood and the Vrilock New Thought-Movement!

Today I am going to tell you all about psionics tethering and what it can do for you! First, let us observe what does not work, and then we’ll dive into radionics and psionics tethering operations.

For many years now the new-age community has attempted group efforts to wish or will into existence concepts like world peace. Ultimately these attempts fail for a number of reasons. In group meditation sessions the collective thought-form typically becomes unbalanced due to incoherency of the thought-energy going into the conceptualized construct. We now have a means by which the original idea can be worked on by a partner or a group of people, and to some greater degree of success.

Keep in mind that none of this psionics tech is foolproof. You will need to make adjustments along the way, and experiment. With this in mind you will do well.

So, here is how it is done.

We are going to dive into something called Psionic Tethering. This is a process by which partners can collaborate on a radionics project without spoiling the magick so to speak.

The first operator takes a rate for a subject or concept that he or she wishes to manifest or materialize in the world. Next, the operator passes on a picture of his instrument and the subject to his or her partner.

The partner will take a rate for the concept, knowing that he or she is simply boosting this concept out into the material universe.

Ultimately it is a good idea not to tell the partner what the operation is about. At least not the specific details. It may be suffice to simply tell the partnering psionics operator that one is working on a promotion for a business or something along these lines, while leaving out the hard details about the product line or who is being broadcasted to or where, why, and so on.

Basically the partnering operator is now catapulting the rate from the original operator into the ether. This will boost the rate into the cosmic all.

There is another form of radionics tethering that the individual can perform without the aid of another operator. This kind of psionic tethering operation has to do with the space/ time continuum.

Independent psionics tethering involves taking a picture of the radionic machine after a rate on this radionics box has been set to work. The picture is then loaded onto a second machine, which then takes in the whole of the operation. The original radionic instrument is then put out of commission by taking the rate off. The second machine acts as a carrier for the original intent that is now completely non-physical, and this operation projects the original rate into the space/ time continuum. Indefinitely.

The best means is to take a rate on an ordinary radionics box, and then tether that rate to a radio adapted or remodeled to work as a psionics instrument.

The psionics and radionics tethering operation can also be carried out by amplifying patterns and magick rods—even the kinetic mill to portal project the spell. (See my ebooks ‘The Metaphysics of Self-mastery’ and ‘The Wondrous Wheel’.)

Lastly, a very powerful and effective means of psionic tethering is to work with a psionic robot. This kind of materially anchored tunable construct and spirit will offer the operator a more intimate and effective means of psionically tethering rates into the world-circuit and the Cosmic Intelligence System (as described in my psionics coaching system). My book ‘Psionic Robot: An Artificer’s Guide to Anthropomorphic Constructs’ is available in the This is a physical book with scan-to-print magick and radionic decals to help you build your first psionic robot instrument.

From the innovations of David Tansley to the raw power of Charles Cosimano psionics, Vrilock is delivering to you yet another new discovery in the wondrous world of magick and psuper psionics!

By the way, psionics tethering is one of the best means for making real magick and worthwhile manifested changes in the world. So, get started on the magical working with psionics and radionics tethering today!

On a final note about this exciting new area of radionics and psionic magick, Mr. Vrilock would like to remind the public that we’ll be adding a variety of psionic tethering projects for club members. So, if you’re interested in getting some help from your fellow psions and psionicists or radionics engineers for your business or personal operations, the club may have a spot for you in our next tethering project! Join the club and participate in psionics tethering and other radionics global issues and psionics world projects!

Until next posting,

Keep the magick high!

This is Tom Vrilock, signing out!

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