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Prayer Board Origins: Vrilock's Discovery

Prayer Board Origins: Vrilock's Discovery

I was never much given to the various religions or creeds of the world, but I had an interest in the philosophies and beliefs of various cultures around the planet. This of course was one of the first areas of interest that I pursued in my early years of colleague: Philosophy - World Religions, Anthropology - Magick and Witchcraft, and World Issues. However, the discovery of my miraculous instrument really had nothing to do with any of these outlets of academia. Instead, the vision came to me in my early years as a child, and it wasn’t until many decades of magick study and psionics that I discovered a use for this purportedly holy geometry. My discovery of the Miraculous Prayer Board caught the attention of paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren, and my instrument was the topic of a show on Coast to Coast AM Talk Radio with host George Noory. (Listen to 'Manifesting Desires' with George Noory and Joshua P. Warren on YouTube for the Miraculous Prayer Board story, and a brief mention of my name as the creator of this instrument.)

So, let me first start by describing the instrument, and then we’ll dive into who and where this symbolism is used.

The board is simply that. A board. There are two palm or hand plates used for contact with the fingers and palms. Between these contact plates is a simple bus circuit which acts as a conduit for the psychometric energy of the operator. The pattern at the center takes this heart-felt energy and brings it into coherency and balance.

The hexagram at the center of the prayer board is a metaphysical geometry and an important psionic pattern for manifestation. While the hexagram has been associated with the ‘star of David’, the pattern can be traced back to dynasties in Arabia even predating the hexagram’s adoption as a Jewish symbol. Additionally, Hindus associate this symbol with Shakti and Shiva, forming the perfect unity of man and woman. There are people in the south of Africa who are associated with this hexagram. The interlocking triangles which form the hexagram are used in alchemical symbols. And going further back in time it may have been possible that even Thoth (Hermes) taught this symbol or similar sacred geometry in times ancient and forgotten by the majority of us today. I’ve even found this symbol used in an old New-Age book called ‘The Elements of the Chakras’ by Naomi Ozaniec. Memory serving me right, I believe that this book claimed to be knowledge of chakra functions and metaphysics from Tibet. So, the pattern of the hexagram isn’t essentially Jewish. And by making this statement I am not anti-semitic or racially isolating anyone of Jewish heritage or faith. Far from it, my friends. Vrilock and Team teach an inter-racial and international/ global humanitarian view of the Cosmic All, and our bodies are simply our vehicles we’re all renting until we meet our maker. Understand that this venture with the Miraculous Prayer Board instrument and The Miraculous Prayer Board Mini is a journey into metaphysics, the occult, and psionics art and technology.

With so many cultures making use of this symbol it does seem fitting that this prayer board instrument makes use of the spirit of humanity sharing together in a symbol of hope and prayer. Now, as a matter of course, this is not how old Vrilock discovered the hexagram artwork as a magical work surface.

No, I’m afraid that the answer is far more simple.

While working with a variety of patterns and immersed in a study of psionics, Vrilock found that the hexagram worked wonders at starting rains, combined with the fact that the geometry is a balanced energy surface as far as two-dimensional patterns go (The swing of the pendulum stops over a hexagram). So, the balanced nature of this pattern seemed a more logical platform for working with spirits, contacting the dead, and constructing artificial spirits than say by a magical triangle of summoning. In fact the balanced nature of the geometry makes most magical operations involving the minds roaming the invisible world safer for the ordinary person to work with.

The real catcher to this tale of wonder is how Vrilock put this pattern to work against Super Typhoon Neoguri, Halong, and 40 plus other super storms with a high success of turning/ banishing on average. And this success rate in psionic magick has always been an issue for many operators, because there is something like an 85% success for the most powerful and advanced operators of psionics. That is to say, while most people will experience that 15% failure, those who work diligently and faithfully with a prayer board will see a higher yield in results in their manifestation work, life style, and prosperity with other people.

Long story short. This is not a Jewish symbol by default. Israel adopted this symbol, as the hexagram had existed long, long ago in ancient history, and is shared around the world by many cultures as a mystical and metaphysical pattern.

What is important to us living today is that the hexagram has balanced properties in its metaphysical geometry, and it is recognized globally as a spiritual symbol, which yields to all of us both the divine power and the magical spectrum of wonder working and manifestation in the world of metaphysics.

I began the project of distribution of the Miraculous Prayer Board Mini as a commitment to help the Cosmic All re-establish a relationship with humanity on planet Earth. I believe that by distributing this instrument we will reach a global spiritual state of compromise and compassion, spiritual evolution, and reunion with the Cosmic All. For all peoples. That is my mission with this instrument.

On a final note, while I do not claim to have full knowledge of all that is the occult power, I vow that I am an explorer of metaphysics and a pioneer in psionics, and have been for quite some time. Additionally, I can assure my club members and subscribers that with diligent practice and faith these instruments I build, and the methods I teach, will yield positive results for the greater majority of people who work with my instruments and methods. We are still exploring the world of wonder work, magick, psionics, radionics, and psychotronics with earnestness and passion. I hope that my instruments bring you closer to a connection with the Cosmic All, and that you all find prosperity and good things in your life.

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