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Psionics Makes Life Wonderful!

Psionics Makes Life Wonderful!

Have you ever thought that maybe something you could do would make the world a better place to live, grow, and prosper? Have you ever had a dream or even a daydream of being the hero of your own story? Well, this post is all about people just like you who have taken the next step to make it all happen. I’m talking about people from all around the world who have embraced the power and wisdom of psionics.

We are known as the Psionic Brotherhood. Our goal is to think for ourselves, focus on what is important, and take action to empower ourselves to change the world.

Many people who have tried to change the world in the past have only partially succeeded. This is because these heroes (or sometimes villains) take on the role of champion only to be met by resistance, incompatibility, or arrive at a new renaissance of hope and prosperity at a time when the greater majority or the powers that be are not ready for miraculous and wondrous earth changes.

Psionics resolves the problem of meeting resistance, because the radionics involved in many of the methods simply ignores resistance.

Unfortunately, it is also very important that the ordinary and good person learn to use psionics now rather than later. This is because our rulers and sometimes oppressors have already access to this knowledge, and some have been using psionics and the occult to keep us all down and under their control.

Want to break free? More importantly, do you want to use psionics to help free humanity from ages of domination by the occult elite?

Well, the good news is that you can do exactly this!

Right now in my club I am teaching people about psionics, including my past training with my mentor, and our new discoveries in this area of the mysterious and wondrous mind power.

Currently, I have club members who are working on making the world a better place to live. We’re talking projects like the ‘Doomsday’ dilemma, freeing heroes around the world, and stopping super storms from destroying people’s homes around the planet.

We cannot do all of this alone. The Psionic Brotherhood and the Vrilock New Thought-Movement welcomes new initiates into our Insiders Club. Choose a payment plan to help support Vrilock and Team, and we’ll give you access to exclusive documents, audio training guides, and how-to videos on the vast new discoveries of psionics. Plus, with the messaging system we can help coach you in psionics and radionics. You will also learn about Vrilock’s Miraculous Prayer Board that was featured on Coast to Coast AM Talk Radio with George Noory. This instrument revolutionizes the world, brings the power of prayer into coherency, and will ultimately make the world a better place to live, because everyone who uses this prayer board will resonate a positive and powerful frequency of human and spirit harmonious prosperity.

Become one of us. Become a distinguished psionic knight in the Vrilock Insiders Club! Everyone who joins our club is treated as a brother or sister. We are not a mens only club. And we do train both men and women equally. Your accomplishments with Vrilock are waiting for you in the club. Seek new horizons and achieve the impossible. Psionics will help you do this.

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