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Radionics, Rates, Amplifying Patterns, and Psionic Magick Sigils

Vrilock: Radionics, Rates, Amplifying Patterns, and Psionic Magick Sigils

Radionics makes use of something called a rate. The rate taken on a radionic box is a numeric representation for a concept, simply by turning a dial on a radionic wishing machine, and stroking a rubbing plate or stick pad.

Usually this concept we are trying to capture in radionics is one of two kinds:

Emphasis vs suppression.

Amplifying patterns make use of two-dimensional energy patterns, which are congealed into the center of the circle pattern, and then amplified into the ether or directly to a witness (target). Amplifying any kind of magical pattern is an act of emphasis of a concept rather than suppression.

Therein the two aforementioned methods of psionics lies the difference in the potential means to an end. One method is potent and powerful in the short term, while the other is more precise and slow, but effective in isolating more specific aspects of a thing being influenced, and particularly true in operations of considerable time and complexity.

Sigils are magical patterns representing an entity such as a demon or god-form, or encapsulating a concept such as money, love, psychic ability, and so on. These magick sigils allow magicians to tap into pre-existing thought-forms and egregores of tremendous power and potency, which then allows a psionics operator to work magick that would ordinarily not be possible. This is because there is a strong bond of belief, praise, and acknowledgement given to the more ancient sigils of spirits than there is in the contemporary patterns personally invented by modern chaos magicians. The ancient rituals associated with many of the old grimoires and their occult seals has lended enough mental and emotional power to give artificial life or call into existence spirits from the black gulf, thus animating the properties of these various magical names and sigils. Essentially, many sigils are the remnant servitors, minions, and tulpas of ancient magicians. Some do indeed link up to spirits, but for the most part sigils access what could be considered as artificial intelligence. (This is something I learned through Charles Cosimano psionics, when I first became his student in 1990. Many magical patterns do indeed link up to pre-existing energy forms, but for the most part these sigils are devoted to man-made entities, with the use of such magick patterns dating back to the Roman Empire.)

In practical use these sigils are placed in a radionic box to bind the entity to the magician for a time. Running in the background these sigils can lend favor, honor, dignities, and monies, love life, and power to the magician. However, there are times when nothing seems to work for operators in radionics, and this is the real meat of this article I’m about to dive into right now.

When sigils do not manifest anything we wonder if somehow we have not taken an accurate reading on our psychotronic mind machines. But, rest assured that this is unlikely. More considerably the failure to detect any magical activity manifesting as a result of radionics is usually due to the noise running around in our own conscience. Ordinarily our minds are incredibly preoccupied by our the thoughts of the day. A good session of clearing the mind and retuning oneself to the magical lifestyle will clear blockages and reopen the doors to magick of all kinds, including the intuitions coming down the pipe from the cosmic-all.

There is one other aspect surrounding the process and materials involved in radionics that we need to consider here. This is, as a matter of course, the way in which radionics is designed, wired, and calibrated. Most radionic instruments are created to take an overall representation drawing from whatever is placed in the input as well as the output of the machine. Having factored this in we can readily see why a machine can sort of lose contact with the recipient on the machine, or miss the target. In theory this should not be a problem. But in practice it very well can be.

A remedy around this problem is to instead build a machine that is specific to the kinds of tasks one is going to operate in. I have written extensively on this topic about variable machines, literal radionics, and spirit boxes. (Read my book Psionic Robot. Or join my club to read my documents on thought-crystallization machines.) Else we can simply build into a machine a pattern that is blasted at the witness sample every time. So, then the machine is wired in such a way so as to only lock in on the witness sample with a representative numeric value. And that would be all one needs. To project the necessary pattern one would implement an eloptic system. Or simply build the radionics into a light source. But, more on this another time.

The bottom line is that blockages occur due to something in our own subtle energy system. As well, there may be other factors involved when we work with pre-existing thought-forms. As these constructs of ancient magick are not of our own making the subtleties involved are rather foreign to the contemporary chaos magician. We can remedy this by using methods such as psionic splicing, and we can jack up the power using methods such as psionic tethering to other machines, and borrowing sigil energy to pour into our own personally crafted chaos magick patterns. The benefit of these alternative psionic designs and methods is that we can then take associated energies from ancient sigils or spirits, and then bind these into our own custom programs (thought-forms and constructs, servitors and minions, and even psionic robots).

One must become empowered. This is why I created the Vrilock Insiders Club - The VOCUS program - The Psionic Brotherhood! Join the Vrilock New Thought-Movement!

As should also be noted here, I invented and developed the Miraculous Prayer Board instrument as a means of bringing spiritual and magical energies into a harmonious and balanced fixture of magick. The instrument operates via psychometric infusion, and the heart chakra empowers the sacred geometric circuit of this psionic prayer board! The instrument worked so incredibly well for a period of several years testing it that even the world renowned Joshua Warren became interested, and later innovated a new variant of the Miraculous Prayer Board!

By all means use the prayer boards to bring magical arrangements into a balanced psionic focus pattern.

To purchase a prayer board from me go to

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There are a number of special documents, audios, and videos referencing how to work the Miraculous Prayer Board in dynamic ways at my club. Plus, there are audiobooks associated with this instrument at Vrilock’s shop!

For more information about advanced psionics please join the Vrilock Club! Become a psionic knight, a student and colleague of Tom Vrilock!

Keep The Magick High!

Vrilock signing out!

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