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Psionic Spirit Splicing Templates

Psionic Spirit Splicing Tom Vrilock Magick Training

Those of you following my blogs and podcasts are already aware of the project to siphon more money from the establishment to the people who need it most. From here I will instruct you in how to splice spirit templates and reconstruct these into your own servitor spirits.

So, without further ado… let us begin!

Establish an overall understanding of the process of spirit splicing by paying heed to the words which follow. All spirit is the purest state of existence. For our purposes we will be working at a level just a few notches above the purest state of existence. We call this level the ‘template’. Parallel to the template stage is another portal to the all elusive archetypes of the human perceived reality. The latter is a level directly in contact with the overall collective unconscious of a society. Vrilock won’t be touching on archetypes today, but we should understand the roadmap for this spirit configuration process.

To understand this pursuit more coherently, please listen to my podcast on this topic!

Now, in our particular project to vampire more funding from Big Brother, I want you to transfer the energy of a similar set of patterns to your very own servitor spirit template. You may borrow my template for practice, but ultimately you will need to build your own devices, and for this I offer that you study my materials in my psionics club.

Go to to get started training and digesting my materials.

Alright, with that out of the way, let us consider dowsing. You have for yourself a grimoire or perhaps a key of various spirit sigils from which you may work with. If you do not possess such a key or book of magick names, you may borrow my example here.

(Simply screen capture the title picture for this blog and print it out!)

Take the sigil of Barbatos and merge it with your borrowed spirit template. Barbatos, by the way, is a sigil for the so-called demon who can help bring you friends and find various means for making money. So, this is a good sigil for this type of operation. Of course, if you truly wished to do something diabolical you could instead work with the spirits of Mercury for deceit and theft. However, such operations can generally backfire. I prefer to work with the all-positives across the board when it comes to tying any kind of monetary or strategic business-partnering relationships to myself. I suggest you do likewise. But it is up to you.

So, meditate on the concept of Barbatos as some kind of pre-existing intelligence pattern (Doesn’t matter if this is true or false. We are registering parameters in our mental atmosphere before we declare any containers or vessels the dock for a spirit servitor.) Meditate on this for several minutes. Keep this idea firmly locked in your mind.

Now, place the spirit template you borrowed from my example on to the output of your radionic box. Know in your mind that you are going to transfer qualities and attributes of Barbatos to the money vampire glyph. Take a rate for the patterns on your machine.

Let this rate run for about a week or two. This will charge up the bridge of frequency between the two spirits. Later, you will spend some time working on a relationship to the new template you have borrowed, and then tie this into your next spirit creation project.

Alright, so now you need to remove the patterns from the machine. Zero out the rate by turning each dial all the way CCW. Place the template on to the input of the machine and take a new rate. Think in your mind the qualities of this spirit template and infuse this into the machine as you tune the resistors. If you have a helmet now is the time to plug it in and start projecting your imagined spirit into this glyph. If not, simply move the pattern to the output plate, and then touch the input plate with your right hand as you visualize the desired entity.

Now, a desired entity can look like anything you want. Maybe an octopoid servitor bringing you money with its tentacles. Or even a character like Robin Hood, and you can visualize him as taking money from the rich and giving it to you instead.

That’s the gist of this of the psionic splicing magick operation. If you're interested in working this same operation with the disembodied minds of the dead then you will appreciate my new volume PSIONIC NECROMANCER!

Moreover, I want my fans to realize that we can continuously augment and reconfigure these spirits into new phases until we arrive at the utmost desired spirit form. This is done by layering the spirit at varying levels. I speak about this a good deal in my psionics club. Become a psionic knight of Vrilock!

Enjoy your new spirit servitor project! And until next time… as always,…

Vrilock signing out!

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