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Answering Psionics Club Questions November 2022

Despite our best efforts to define terms and unravel the mysteries of the universe, there are always a few hundred new questions we hadn’t anticipated. So, as with many times in the past we have a monthly round-up of Q&A.

Let us begin!….

So, can a thought-form from a web image with in a radionic box? The answer is yes. And the more often you work with these types of witnesses the more proficient you become at sampling remote and abstract concepts radionically.

Define witness plage, stick pad, and the input and output plate. The answer is that the witness plate is the input plate where a witness sample is introduced to a system in radionics. The stick pad helps you dowse for a relationship for the witness sample and the tuners or resistors in the radionics machine. The stick pad can be the output of the machine in some designs. It depends on the design of the machine. Some machines have no stick pad at all, and feature an input and output plate or just one single plate for the simplest of machines. What is the input? It is the same thing as the witness plate. What is the output plate? That is the plate where the energy is merged into or exists a system. Outputs can be extended to a variety of peripheral such as projectors and lantern flashlights or a kinetic mill/ wondrous wheel via an audio jack wired to the output, and by simply plugging a properly fitting cable into the output jack, and connecting the cable to the desired peripheral.

Where do crystals get wired in radionics? There’s an interesting story behind this of when I helped Charles Cosimano decide on filtering a vampire machine by introducing crystals into the wiring of a radionics box. It is a long story, so I’ll just dive into the design work, which is as follows: You wrap the quartz crystals in between the dials for empowering the tuners. Or you wrap a crystal between the input plate and input jack, and the output plate and output jack, if you want to work with filtering the actual witness samples and tune the machine normally.

How do I splice a pair of Rei patterns to create a brand new Rei Pattern that is a unique combination of the previous patterns, and yet contains only the good qualities of either of the two subject patterns? In answer to this, if you are taking qualities of two things that you like, and each subject contains at least one of these attributes—a unique quality—then you will simply take a rate for both Rei patterns, and then create a new Rei Pattern by examining the output energy, doing some dowsing, and generate the new Rei Pattern as if you were creating an original Rei Pattern. There is also a means by way of photocopying the Rei patterns, and then drawing a circle around both Rei patterns, and then taking a rate for the encapsulated Rei patterns. The output will be set to the new Rei Pattern intended to splice the desired qualities. However, this I find to be the difficult method. There is a far simpler and more effective means to an end: Create a compound glyph or a rune script that is designed to merge desired qualities into one vessel. Place that compound glyph on to the output of the machine. Use a Channel Mixer RBX (See the document Channel Mixer RBX on to micromanage the distinct qualities you wish to attain from the patterns or essence of the subjects involved in your experiments.

Is it safe to work with sigils? The answer to this is that nothing is ever entirely safe in the world of the invisible. However, and having stated this, I say thus: I’ve had few problems in the past 35 years of working with sigils. The only danger was twofold: 1. I placed a disruption on myself by mistake. 2., I used Balaam for seeing the future, and the power of the pattern took effect while I was driving—Which caused me to experience interruptions to space/ time perception, making it very difficult to drive. That was of course 30 years ago, which would make me at that time 19 years of age, and during that age our energies are much different, more active, and more open to influences of all kinds.

The last question that pops up now and then over the past months is whether or not we still work with the psionic helmet in psionics. The answer is that we do, but far less than we once did. The realization of the power of the mind and less related to the physical body than previously thought has opened my mind to remote psychotronics, whereby all kinetic things, and all products of the various technologies manifest in the world are at my beck and call for producing amplification, insights, and remote presence projection without the need of a helmet. Also, I’ve concluded that the crown chakra isn’t necessarily the control center for all paranormal powers, and therefore we can work with or without a helmet regularly. A helmet, a headband, a wand, a prayer board, a power ring—what have you—These are all merely extensions of our intended use and projections. The only real area of concern is the mind’s eye. The rest of the chakras kind of work on their own, and thus you really don’t need to spend a whole lot of time on anything other than the hands, the aura, and the brow chakra or mind’s eye. I consider the other chakras as sort of primordial or primitive. They have their purposes, but you don’t really need to mess with them.

This wraps up our monthly roundup of the club, and these answers are being made public as a rare treat to would-be club members. for podcasting private learning materials >>



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