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Counteracting Oceanic Trauma with Psionics! (And, Reality... you are not your body!)

In an older podcast on the topic of Healing an Entire Planet ( ), I made it known to my friends and fans of Vrilock Psionics Training and Technology that the prayer board has been used in combination with the photographs of the late Dr. Emoto’s work in the Hidden Messages in Water to begin a lengthy healing process of the earth’s oceans; Our main source of oxygen and life on planet earth.

Of course some folks are shaking their heads, possibly thinking “Enchanting people is one thing—manifesting a few hundred dollars, maybe—, but an entire ocean?! Come on, Dr. Vrilock!” My sympathy goes out to the folks who think this way. It is understandable to view the entirety of reality at the macrocosmic level, and say to ourselves “You know, sometimes the world is just a lot bigger than we are.” However, whilst sympathy is in order, allow for an explanation of how we work the miraculous and stand the impossible on its head.

Firstly, your identification with the macro universe limits your perception of the greater interconnectivity of all things. You are not your body. Instead, begin by meditating on the concept of your aura surrounding your body. Albeit, your energy field interpenetrates your physical body. And, quite literally, your body is hung on your energy field. So, to revise what I was saying about your body and energy field here, simply I state that you are the mind that moves through your energy field. Or rather you are the consciousness which does all of these things: creates mind, energy, and inevitably forges for itself many vessels; The astral, the etheric, the physical body—and then of course all of the gadgets and magical vessels that you work with.

All of these things come from the force that is you!

So, begin by meditating on your energy field and astral, and mental energy bodies surrounding and interpenetrating your physical being. Just keep thinking “where is my energy field?” While you are breathing you will repeat this in your mind, as you inhale and exhale the vital breath of the universe. You will reach a point where there is a transition from the material and institutional concepts you’ve been taught to a full consciousness as your awareness begins to peak. In this new state of mind you will realize your mind and energy is pouring into your body more than it is radiating from it. In essence, I am saying that we know which came first: the chicken or the egg theory here doesn’t apply to psychic energy. You begin here as a psychic being. Physical and material is merely a vessel. You are not who you think you are until you believe that you are who others teach you to think and act like. The entire society is built upon layers of institutions and traditions to hold you back from your true self.

With your true self awakening you will begin to understand a similar relationship with all other material and energy and forces in nature. These external things are also stemming from mental constructs which are accessible to the psychic self, and are indeed influenced by the wise psionicist or psion wizard.

And this is where it all begins. (Read VPG trio for a guide to opening awareness.) Shop >>

Next of some importance is understanding that the mental plane is above that of the astral plane, and within the astral plane there are divisions of higher and lower vibrations, higher and lower existence, and the same of those beings inhabiting these realms. There are realms of hungry ghosts, and there are vampire entities. Negative entities can influence our emotions; However, one individual whom is very strong with the mental level can overcome these influences. One means to an end here is to master the runes. And mastery of the runes is never truly an end to a journey—although the power of the rune master may certainly be measurably felt by such entities attempting to influence the mind-master and rune wizard. A continuous familiarity with such power-staves as the runes will continue to grow upon the witch or wizard, and further expand his or her knowledge, intuition, and abilities. Calling up the runes for a variety of purposes also exercises the witch or wizard’s skill, while in the longterm advances his or her talents as well.

The world is overall made of mind-stuff. And therefore becoming a masterful mind-master and adept in psionic rune work will bring you control and protection in this venture through the realms.

Having an understanding of the layers of reality has enabled Doc Vrilock and students to work miraculous psionics projects in reality. Vrilock has accomplished feats from stemming super typhoons to mending the mantel of quake stricken islands, to remedying spiritual wellness difficulties. The new adventure is yours! And you accomplish this by understanding how to combine your prayer board, psychometric infusion methods, and the frequencies of positive water crystal photography. These positive psi photos cause forces in nature to resonate with the intent of the operator.

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