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Magick Aesir All-Knowing!

Welcome to the Psionic Metaverse!

You take your supplements, but these lack the enzymes that your body hungers for, and alas you must eat fruit. This is because the gods created the natural world with its remedies all intact. A knowledge lost to a dynamic world of consumerism. Yet, the intuitive man and woman know instinctively what their bodies need and crave. These powers of knowing can be yours by contemplating the lore and wisdom of the Vril. We do this by seeking out the ancient staves that we know as the runes.

Keep the magick high! in the Vrilock Psionic Metaverse!

The Aesir gods and goddesses are the names of beings ancient and old before the sinking of Atlantis. They are the masters of vril who live in Asgard. We are their technicians in the physical realm of Midgard. And with psionics we have advanced our next stage in the journey of vril! With psionics our means of communication, communion, and instruction is vastly expanded beyond ordinary speaking and ritual. When we train in psionics we can tap into anything in the entire universe including the gods! More importantly, we can master the most elusive secret power of vril!

Until next we meet!

Take the power of 30 years in just an hour of video instruction to masterfully control the old viking magick and psionic power of vril! Vrilock’s Vril: Fire and Ice! >>

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