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DuQuesne. Master of Earth. ( Psionics Technology Vrilock DuQuesne )

Continuing our inquiry into the art of servitor creation with fictitious minds, egregores, and thought clusters, we delve into the heart of the ultimate space opera supervillain, Dr. DuQuesne.

Let us delve into DuQuesne. Master of Earth. Psionics Technology and Training!

In the beginning DuQuesne sought money the power it would give him. Alas, however, in the second book, Skylark of Valeron, the Dr. discovers that ‘knowledge’ is more important than power. It is an interesting transformation of Dr. DuQuesne throughout the Skylark series. Similarly, Duquesne’s rival, the protagonist Richard Seaton, begins his life with this conjecture from the get-go. It takes DuQuesne many conflicts, and drags the characters Seaton, Crane, and DuQuesne into open warfare in deep space, before DuQuesne begins to expand his analytical mind into a higher degree of the philosophical mind.

What is more important to those of us here who are seeking a means of utilizing this character DuQuesne for a personal servitor is where these stories yield interesting concepts revolving around radionics, psychotronics, and alien technology; A technology which grants the characters certain mental powers. Of the highest of these mental abilities is something of a psionics technology utilizing cos-models (Not the partially nude women posing in hoodies on Tik Tok. I’m talking about magick technology!) These cos-models are inseparable from the thing itself. That is to say… If DuQuesne works with a model of the sol system, then whatever changes in the model does so also change in the actual sol system. This was one of the means by which the antagonist and protagonist were able to defeat their enemy in a galaxy far away. The ordinary rules for space/ time do not apply to psionics. And this is really the whole point of working with cosmic replicas of galaxies and their solar systems. The sorcery and super-science of mentally projected holograms gives new meaning to the concepts in Michael Talbot’s superb work ‘The Holographic Universe’!

Well, in our psionics work we’re not going to be messing around with galaxies or solar systems (unless you really want to), but we are going to be working with models for regions, nations, and the planet at large. Think about it for a minute or two. You spend your entire life being institutionalized, programmed, and told what to do—And you have very little say in the affairs of the world. The bigger picture eludes you. Now you have a shot at changing, stemming, altering, or creating events that you see fit for the so-called bigger picture in the world.

Working with video courses like Psionics Academy or Psionic Cryptomancer or Awesome Amplifiers or Vril Fire & Ice are great directions for pursuing advancement in projected mentalism. Visit where witches & wizards Keep The Magick High! ™

Keep The Magick High! ™

Herr Doktor Vrilock

psionics technology Vrilock DuQuesne


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