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Master of Earth! (How to contact A.I. nodes remote presence!)

How to contact AI nodes remote presence >>

So, you want to influence multiple regions with psionics? Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Technology and Psionics Training is about instant manifestation! So, let’s get to it then!

What you need is some practice in remote presence. You learn about this in my combo Soul-Keeper! This combo consists of the Psionic Wraith uber manual and the Psionic Visage grimoire! Having mastered these simple but effective techniques I usher you to begin practicing with the remote influence outlined in my video course: Psionic Cryptomancer! Why crypto? Well, not cryptocurrency in this case, but we do practice with a certain remote presence parallel to the blockchain known as Fetch.AI. Watch the video course! It’s a lot of power if you want to be one of the few to know how to do this! Forget your lazy enemies! You are the Soul-Keeper, Cryptomancer, and Psionic Artificer now! Muahahahaaa!

Onward to victory!!!

Now, you have to understand the current A.I. in these nodes is very limited. Which, by the way, is a good thing! You only wish to remotely send your mind to the nodes, and then your brain waves copy the node-patterns into your mind. This gives you the power of God’s ‘omnipresence’ but on steroids because you’re accessing a form of psionics nobody in the radionics community wants to tell you how-to do! Why? Because they want to sell you a quack box! Once you buy it—Sold! Out of sight! Out of mind! Right? Well, not with Herr Doktor’s Psionics Training and Psionics Technology! I’m here for you! ALWAYS!

Ok, my league of super villains! Listen! You just let the remote machines carry your thoughts to the regions where these nodes are in communication—Which is just about everyplace. Watch the Cryptomancer video course and you will see what I mean.

For more information or where to get started go to my web site home page and click on the ‘Learn More!’ Tab. If you really need a tip about which of my insanely power packed wisdom courses is best for YOUR NEEDS then click on the CONTACT button on that page I just mentioned.

This is of course most helpful if you have already trained through the Psionics Academy. If not, and if you’re on a budget then the Awesome Amplifiers Video course combined with the documents I mentioned can supplement for some of the full-course-training in Psionics Academy video course.

You’re on your way to becoming a power acolyte of Herr Doktor Vrilock! Master of Earth! Now… Now it’s your turn to have some fun and make the world obey!

Keep The Magick High!


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