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Problem Solving Runes and Vrilock Psionics Metaverse!

Using runes for problem solving, life challenges and readjusting our day needs to be simplified. Herr Doktor von Vrilock is now going to tell his students how to accomplish this rune magick feat. Plus a few words on Vrilock Psionics Metaverse and upcoming magick NFT items!

First, let us examine what most rune users do. You’ve likely found yourself facing a problem and instantly assume that the runes must be employed. Typically what many rune magicians will do is line up a series of runes, recite the names of the runes, and then let it run its magick or even go so far as to project the runescript (string of rune staves) at the problem.

To improve your results with runes and rune stave magick we must first recognize how we ordinarily relate to problems. In particular this rune magick post refers to solving problems which stem from other people’s psychical energies. And we tend to become too attached and then too involved in the link to that individual or couple or group of people. I’m going to help you readjust your thinking. Then we’ll fine-tune your rune might and mane!

So, firstly, you must realize that you are more often than not ‘overly identifying’ with the problem person(s). (Problematic *muggle* as I like to humorously refer to them.)

Secondly, you are failing to identify with the runes in relation to the events of your day. You might still be thinking of the runes as externalized and foreign glyphs of magick to be blasted at your problems. While this can be true in some rare cases, the majority of the time nothing could be further from the truth! One need only to decide that one will accept the runes as the literal coding in the background of a matrix reality. You detach from other people’s programs which draw you in. You do this by a way of beginning the rune-thinking process which you will learn in the Vril: Fire and Ice video course >>

Fine-tuning the runes happens only after magicians accept the runes are already present and working reality in the background. Think of the runes as sort of a constructed structure containing reservoirs of energies; These energies are within their limits free to act within runic environments. You begin to understand that runes are the codes in the background of this facade that we refer to as a reality.

So, your problem people will make a bit of noise for a time, but they’ll bend to the power of your runic ‘orlog’ if you practice on a daily basis this simple understanding of the rune-thinking! Again, this runic mental power comes from mastering the materials in this course called Vril: Fire and Ice!

Soon, you will see new vril and rune power in Vrilock’s Psionics Metaverse! So, make sure to take the beginner video courses like Psionics Academy 101, Psionic Cryptomancer, Awesome Amplifiers, and of course the greatest rune course in the world - Vril: Fire and Ice! And, don't forget to check out the magick of Vrilock Psionics Metaverse on Metaverse App, Koji, and of course Vrilock's OpenSea Psionics NFTs in the collection: Keep The Magick High! To view these NFTs go to the and look at the Metaverse NFTs section of that page!

As we close tonight’s post, remember that good things are coming here to Vrilock’s Psionics Metaverse! So, until our next post, remember to …



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