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Psionics Replaces the Need for Ritual Magick

Psionics allows us to project our minds without the need of exhaustive rituals in magick. Fun though rituals may be, there are times when we need something that doesn’t conform to the laws of traditional magick or lengthy ceremonies. Those means, while potently powerful, are rather slow and can be unpredictable. Thus we may remove the unfavorable and often extraneous associations of elder magic laws via psionic training and psionic technology.

Here are some reading and listening materials to get you started on self-empowerment through psionics…

Limited batch of the classic paperback for Psionics, Radionics, Psychotronics, and living the magical lifestyle >>

Finding the right partner helps with audible magick like Tomancing the Miraculous Prayer Board audiobook! >>

Keep the magick high!

PS. Training, projects, and content club at where witches and wizards keep the magick high! TM


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