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There's Simply Too Much Magick! At Vrilock Psionics!

You've got a radionic box. Great! But, you probably have more projects to work on than you can possibly accomplish with one box. I thought we might hit this little snag. As it is your time of arrival to this channel is most opportune! For, know you this, I have been working on multitasking and micromanaging of psionics projects for 35 years! And here is the answer to all of your problems...

May I introduce you to the Channel Mixer RBX e-document for only $22.99. This knowledge goes well beyond the use of a machine to control multiple projects if you read between the lines and follow my logic.

And... If you're bored to tears of radionics... Read "Psionic Robot" e-book, just $49.99 Download! >>

Even better... This April you get 25% off some club items in the public shop! Hoot! Woot! Bada bing!

25% Off Club Items! (Coupon code: april25)

Vrilock Psionics Magick April 2024 Special Discounts

  • Penetrate all secrets with a new Necromancer Elite Dowsing Kit! (2 power books, charts, and a pendulum of intuition!)

  • Download Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure! (multimedia pack!)

  • Download Soul Keeper Combo! (Master the arcane secrets of cthonic servitors!)

  • Psionic Rituals Artificer Combo! (Perform ritual psionics and craft your multitude of minions!)

  • Download Psionic Cosmic Generator!(Learn the secrets of Psychotronics!)

  • Use a Channel Mixer RBX to micromanage rates across many devices!

  • Dive deep into the might of the runes with Hammer of Vrilock! (Part of the Rune Rise Program in the club!)

25% off‼️ Use code: april25 (under Vrilock Club Products)

Just for you, Lords and ladies!



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