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VMX Psychotronics Media Drive

New VMX Psychotronic Product Launched!

Complete VPM Psi Meditation and Magick Experience

Now experience all that Vrilock has to offer in one powerful product that contains everything you need to succeed in the occult and the New-Age! We have begun stocking the Vrilock Multimedia Experience (VMX) memory devices in our shop!


• Psionics Academy 101 video course

• Vril: Fire & Ice video course

• Psionic Cryptomancer video course

• Awesome Amplifiers video course

• Wish Ball Radionics short video lecture

• Romancing the Miraculous Prayer Board audiobook

• Fantastic Facilitators audiobook

• Magical Messengers audiobook

• Dynamic Defenders audiobook

• The Miraculous Prayer Board VPG-2 audiobook (short version)

• Academy levels document (PDF)

• Academy print document (PDF)

When students told me that their files were gone due to a computer crash we spent hours pulling together cloud drives to get their products back in their new computers. It was difficult for both sides. But now we have the universal flash drive which stores all the materials that most students will ever need to be up to speed on psionics, radionics, psychotronics, chaos magick, and dowsing! It’s all in this memory stick! Video Courses! Audiobooks! Audio lectures! Short video instructions! And PDF documents that you may print for your dowsing needs!

When your order arrives in the mail you will receive a dual USB memory stick with a Vrilock Branded Emblem, a keychain, and two additional USB adapters!

Never worry about losing your data, your video courses, audiobooks, and complimentary documents ever again! This dual USB hybrid product is temperature resistant, waterproof, and solid!


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