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VRilock’s Ambiguous Moonbeamer Radionics!

Psionic Magick students and subscribers of have asked Herr Doktor Vrilock about the infamous psychotronics Moonbeamer, and Vrilock is going to cover the Moon Beamer Radionics in increments here. There’s good and sufficient reason for this apparent delay. But—you’re keen. You’ve got a mind that really works! Perhaps I had better give you the whole picture?

As a precursor to operating the machine, bare in mind that the occultist must first accept the psionics concept of utilizing the powers of celestial bodies before the machine can work.

Think of this journey as a form of pathworking, as in the classical occult sense where one must imagine certain pictures of scenery, and within this scenery there are certain components and aspects of the reality I am incorporating into an astral vehicle which when pursued will play out the roles I’ve given to the entirety of the imagined experience. In this sense the experience becomes a true experience.

Believe me when I say, that in no uncertain terms here I am hiding nothing about the workings of the Moonbeamer. I may have to press very hard into your mind when it comes to the finer details, but that’s enough of this chin music for now. We’d better get to doing something.

To begin with I should expect that you have some basic crafting skills. If not, you’ll learn as you build your unit. Also, you’ll need to join the and dig up the old documentation I wrote which covers the instructions of building the Moonbeamer. This will save us both a lot of time.

What I will give you in this article is the operator preparation for working the psionic mechanics of the Vrilock Moonbeamer

Radionics Machine.

Spend a few days contemplating the presence of our moon orbiting the earth. Read about the moon. Look at pictures of the moon from different views of the earth—There’s some snazzy photos of the backside of the moon online courtesy of the various space agencies.

Become familiar with the moon in both the broader physics sense and also in the occult sense. This is to say, in the magical sense the concept of the moon is mystical, often thought of as an archetype, whereas in the purely astrophysical science we know that the moon spans some 6783 miles around the sphere, and is some 357,000 km to 407,000 km out of reach from father earth. For your reference I’m including the following factsheet from NASA >>

Now, in its occult sense the moon was once a sister to the black moon once known as Lilith. That moon is no longer with us. Thus, whatever influence that moon had upon our planet is now absent. But, in magical terms the power of dead celestial bodies still exists in our minds due to our knowledge of their prior existence. The reason I would bother disclosing the past existence of Lilith is to make a point clear in the mind of my psionics students, which is that we are primarily working with the imagined moon in the various ceremonies of magick; Whereas, in psionics we can indeed work with the ‘actual’ material matter, its physics, and the effects it has on people on the planet earth. The earth’s orbiting satellite we know has an ambiguous presence in magical thinking, especially when bringing in to mind its variant of a god or goddess; Or perhaps it is more appropriate in the true occult to refer to the moon as an archetype.

"Never confuse the moon with the finger that's pointing at it." (Meaning: never think that the label of something is actually the same thing.)

In short, the complete realization of the powerful influences of the moon, combined with a sixth sense of its kinetic vibration, and controlled via psionics will give the student great power over the body, general atmospheres of events, towns, cities, and the weather on planet earth. As was shown in my operations in certain locations around the planet.

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