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Who is Vrilock: Man behind the mask!


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My name is Thomas P. Walton. You probably know me better by my online personality as Tom Vrilock. Vrilock means ‘life-force of the gods and magick’. I am a pioneer in the field of psionics, known also as psychotronics. Psionics is the pursuit of working change in reality via mind (occult focus) and machine dowsing. I am currently a YouTube personality, podcaster of esoteric thought, and an author of many books on the topic of psionic magick. 


Vrilock is a means to make the learning experience of psionics more enjoyable, rewarding, and entertaining! I instruct students in the art of mind-machine magick. 


Prior to entering psionics as more of a full time occupation I worked in both engineering and education. 


As a technical writer and tech author I’ve documented some of the most interesting process/ procedures for sensors engineering, telecommunication PBX software, and agricultural engineering. 


As a language instructor I have taught English as a Second Language (ESL), Technical English, and a variety of international/ intercultural studies to students in Japan (ages 1 - 70+). 


My wife and I have worked on restoration projects including abandoned fields and transforming junkyards into farms with our own hands, and husband and wife teamwork. Plus with a little help from some good neighbor’s advice on farming and agriculture. My wife and I have also worked on many global weather adjurations projects, and much more with magick technology!


My background in psionics began with my mentoring under the guidance of the godfather of psionics, Mr. Charles W. Cosimano. I was his first student (1991), and we have been friends for about 30 years at the time of this writing (2020).


I later befriended the masterful television personality, and world renowned paranormal researcher Joshua P. Warren, and we have been friends and colleagues for a few years now. 


I am good friends and a loyal brother magician to the great and honorable master magician Doctor Jose Roberto Romeiro Abrahao (Abe). 


My friendship also extends to amazing people like Richard A. Whipple (Freemason from the Blue Lodge in Poland), who is a scholarly author, public relations specialist, entrepreneur, freelance writer, and has been my friend since 2011. 


In addition to these relations and accomplishments I am also the leader of the Psionic Brotherhood and the Vrilock New Thought-Movement; a band of psionics and radionics operators who work together on global issues and world projects which require magical solutions to various problems. We’re sort of like the Avengers. 


My goal is to help other people achieve their dreams, perception of individualism in the world, and to embrace the power of the Cosmic All, through which all magick and psionics is made possible and prosperous. 


I have lived in three countries, and continue to extend my friendship and brotherhood across international borders to make the world a better place. 


I hope you will join me in my quest for a new magical world!


Your support of my work and research in psionics is greatly appreciated!




Thomas P. Walton - Tom Vrilock 

Dr. H. c. 

Technical authoring



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