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About ‘Vrilock'

Who is Vrilock?

Meet our Chief of Advisory Board!
Oleg Feldgajer


The Goal of Vrilock: Embracing the Supernatural

Throughout recorded human history, our species has grappled with the mysteries of the supernatural. In contemporary society, we no longer view the invisible spectrum as purely otherworldly; instead, some experiences are deemed paranormal. Unfortunately, many information outlets and entertainment platforms have exploited this fear of the unknown, capitalizing on sensationalism.

Vrilock aims to change that narrative. Our mission is to put fear aside and explore the untapped potential of paranormal power for the betterment of civilization. We recognize that the astral realm holds immense, virtually limitless energy waiting to be harnessed. Just as fire—once regarded as a powerful and potentially wrathful deity by ancient cultures—can now heat our homes and cook our meals when controlled, so too can we approach the occult and the paranormal with a practical mindset.

In today’s interconnected world, information about the occult is readily available across the internet. Nothing remains truly hidden. Armed with this understanding, humanity stands poised to embark on a new journey—one that leads to the rediscovery of our innate qualities of mind, body, and spirit.

Together we aim to KEEP THE MAGICK HIGH!

Meet Tom Vrilock – The Psionics Virtuoso

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Hello, I’m Thomas P. Walton, though you may know me as Tom Vrilock, a moniker symbolizing the ‘life-force of the gods and magick’. As a vanguard in the realm of psionics—also known as psychotronics or radionics—I explore the fascinating intersection of mind, magick, and machinery to shape reality.


Vrilock isn’t just a name; it’s a persona crafted to transform the learning of psionics into an adventure filled with joy, fulfillment, and wonder. As a mentor, I guide aspirants through the intricate dance of mind-machine magick.


Before dedicating myself to psionics, I ventured through the worlds of engineering and education. My technical writing has captured intricate processes in sensor engineering, telecommunication PBX software, and agricultural systems.

Teaching has always been a passion, from ESL to Technical English, enriching the lives of students across Japan with lessons that spanned cultures and generations.


Alongside my wife, I’ve breathed new life into neglected lands, turning forsaken fields and scrapyards into thriving farms—our labor of love, bolstered by sage advice from neighbors and the transformative power of magick technology.


My psionic path was illuminated by the godfather of psionics, Mr. Charles W. Cosimano. Since 1991, I’ve been both his protégé and friend, journeying together through the mystical landscape.

Today, I stand at the helm of the Psionic Brotherhood and the Vrilock New Thought-Movement, a collective akin to a magical cadre of heroes, uniting to conjure solutions for global challenges.


My mission? To empower individuals to realize their dreams, foster a sense of unique identity, and unlock the magick within, all harmonized with the Cosmic All.


Having called three countries home, I continue to weave a tapestry of friendship and guidance that spans the globe, aspiring to craft a world imbued with magick.


Join me in this quest for a world reborn in wonder and enchantment. Your support fuels our collective vision, making global transformation a reality.

Keep the Magick High!

Tom Vrilock, Ph.D. (Hon.)
Technical Author
Psychotronics Innovator
Meditation Guide

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