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Command the powers of earth and the universe with this power combo! In this exciting addition to the ‘Duo series’ (combined books) Herr Doktor V. takes you deep into the most powerful psychic computer in the world!—Your brain!


Utilizing psionics (paranormal phenomena applied to engineering concepts) you will make your brain do whatever you want! Learn anything! Master new abilities! Break bad habits! Overcome disadvantages! Enhance focused-concentration! Never be called the dumb kid in class ever again! 


After learning how to print and work with Psionic Brain Maps, we continue the second part of this miraculous volume with the Psionic Cosmic Generator to pair your newly empowered ‘psionic brain’ with the ultimate comic mind! This cosmic-all exists for you to access and turn events to your advantage! Never feel alone! Never be disempowered! You’ve got it all right here in this duo-book! 


Now prepare to command the powers of heaven and earth with your mind! 


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Quantitative Psionics and the Psionic Cosmic Generator Duo

  • Paperback, 4.25(W) x 6.875(H) in / 108 x 175 mm), glossy cover, 103 pages

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