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VMX Media Stick and Dual Flash Drive:

Coast through the most defined and accurate video courses on psionics, radionics, dowsing, runes, and sigils magick for beginners and intermediate level students of the occult! Also take these courses with you in the form of audiobooks and podcast lectures! Print the documents included in this memory stick for your dowsing work! 


Oooh noooo! My computer crashed! 


Don’t worry about losing your files ever again! Doc Vrilock has your back with this well-organized dual USB memory stick, packed with all your favorite video courses, audiobooks, and some complimentary documents! The dual USB plugs into your computer, tablet, or smartphone! Plus, there are two applications for watching videos and listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and lectures in this dual USB Memory Stick! Clip it to your new keychain (included) and show off that shiny Vrilock emblem and logo! 


Plug-n-play multimedia with convenient user-experience (UX) for Windows, Mac, and Android users. 


When students told us their old computer died or they misplaced a video course, Doc Vrilock decided to build an organized library of content onto a flashy memory stick. But that’s not all! These contents are arranged to be played directly from the USB drive! No need to transfer heavy loads of files and data! Plug and unplug from a smartphone, tablet, pc tower, laptop or Mac! Never lose your valued data ever again! Effective! Smart! Easy! Looks awesome wearing the emblem of power on your keychain! 


Description... Vrilock Emblem and URL printed on a slick metal flip top USB stick! 

Dual USB: Intended to be used with a smartphone or a computer. No need to transfer or download large files. Play directly from the USB. (However, this product is not compatible with the lightning port/connector for iPhone.) 


Technical Specifications... Dual USB; compatible with Android phones, tablets, PC/ Mac, desktops, and laptop computers. Not compatible with iPhone lightning port. Keychain. Logo. URL. Multimedia players loaded to stick include a video player and an audio player (Audio player has library built-into the interface). 



  • Psionics Academy 101 video course
  • Vril: Fire & Ice video course
  • Psionic Cryptomancer video course
  • Awesome Amplifiers video course
  • Wish Ball Radionics short video lecture
  • Romancing the Miraculous Prayer Board audiobook
  • Fantastic Facilitators audiobook
  • Magical Messengers audiobook
  • Dynamic Defenders audiobook
  • The Miraculous Prayer Board VPG-2 audiobook (short version)
  • Academy levels document (PDF)
  • Academy print document (PDF)
    Total value is: $1,018.92.
    Related Goods and Services... Join the club to learn all about psi, the New Thought-Movement, radionics, dowsing, kinetic magick, and psychotronics from the first student of the Godfather of psionics! 


  • Two additional USB adapters 
  • One keychain


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VMX (Vrilock Multimedia Experience) Dual Flash Drive!

  • Vrilock Multimedia Experience Memory Stick:

    1) USB-C flash drive, Rotation style USB 3.0 thumb drive, 2 in 1 dual portable memory stick, 

    Waterproof, high temperature resistance, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, high speed, A+ chip, total capacity 32 Gigabytes(4.3 GB used) with an additional 24.9 GB of space for you to fill!

    2.625”(W) x 0.625”(L) x 0.375"(D), Weight: 0.8OZ

    6.5cm(W) x 1.5cm(L) x 0.9cm(D), Weight: 23g


     2) 2 pairs of Male/ female high speed USB adapters:

    USB-C to USB-A and USB-A to USB-C, OTG adapter; type C type A male female adapter super speed for data transfer and fast charging.


    Both adapters: 0.5”(W) x 1.125”(L) x 0.25”(D), Weight: 0.1 OZ

    1.5cm(W) x 3cm(H) x 0.5cm(D), Weight: 5g


     3) One keychain

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