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Prayer Board Mini + Operational Manual('Prayer Board Mini') Combo:


Double up the miracles in your life! Lay on hands the power of the Miraculous Prayer Board Mini, while referencing this printed book of instructions and magical patterns to help you achieve your dreams, manifest your desires, and work miracles with psychometric touch psionics! You get a prayer board mini plus a manual for all the how-to’s and methods you’ll ever need!


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Vrilock’s Prayer Board Mini & Operator Manual Combo

  • Prayer Board Mini: Dimensions: 18’”(W) x 7”(L) x 0.125"(D), Weight: 0.6LB.

    Operator Manual('Prayer Board Mini'): Paperback, 4.25(W) x 6.875(H) in / 108 x 175 mm), Glossy Cover,  78 pages.

    Weight PB 0.6LB + Mini book 2.7oz =Total 0.8LB

  • All sales are final.

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