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Crystalizing Thought-Forms: Calibrating the Klytus Cannon!

The art of concentration is the key to building the machine, while the core of the apparatus is quite simply a crystal orb. Not just any crystal orb will do for the Klytus box, but for most devices an ordinary quartz works just fine. (There is a story behind this crystal orb which I will get to shortly).

In essence, the Klytus psionic robot box is an arcane object with machinery then built around it.

Now, onward to the building of the Klytus!

Preparing the Construction of KLYTUS... Properly

In order for the KLYTUS unit to work effectively, the core must be prepared before building the machine.

The core for this machine is a rather simple mechanism. Acquire a black crystal orb. Set this crystal orb on a stand whereby you will have little difficulty in gazing upon it.

As you fix your gaze upon the orb, hold your attention on it for as long as you are able. At first, your mind will wander. Keep at this until you are able to hold your concentration for an extended period of time, perhaps an hour.

Once you are able to master holding your attention for fixedly upon the orb, begin thinking about the power of the universe forming into the orb, sort of spiraling into it. Know that this orb can hold all manner of information, act upon your commands, and store vast amounts of energy.

In my own design, I went to Japan, and over a period of years, I stored thunder and typhoon power into the orb long before I put this KLYTUS together as a unit.

When tuning the unit, the crystal is reset to work as part of the witness, the power drive of the unit, and a variable container for whatever commands you will desire put into the witness or concept. As well, it works with scrying. Just dim the lights a bit.

The real beauty of this machine is in what it accomplishes with less work put into it. Consider the creation of thought-forms. We typically put the information into an intrinsically constructed form, give it a name and a job to do, and then pack it full of energy. Now, in the operation of the KLYTUS, one simply puts the information or the command into the core--That is, one gazes into the crystal, or fixes one's concentration upon the crystal. It is not necessary to look at the core in order for this to work, as you should spend a great deal of time getting your concentration to lock onto the orb for considerable time before setting about to build the unit.

Concequently, it was during the initial stage of charging the orb by gazing upon it, that I discovered something rather interesting. I'd been playing this little tablet game called ESP STIMULATOR on Windows tablet PC, which basically gets a person to experience telemechanics (the ability to read what a machine is doing/ processing/ or how it operates, and any information associated with that machine). Well, I went back and forth between playing this game (I scored 7 correct answers in a row out of 20 chances most of the time, before I tired and became uninterested). So, I'd gaze at this crystal orb, and put all my concentration into it, and even with my eyes closed I could sense the location of the object, see it in mind, and so on. Later, I experienced problems with my onscreen keyboard, and so I tried sensing the machine, and pushed with that psi muscle in my brain to bring up that onscreen keyboard. Of course, it worked. I tested just letting the tablet sit, but the onscreen keyboard refused to show up after thirty minutes of trying to get my login screen to bring up the onscreen keyboard. I tested the same method of tuning my mind, but this time on my friend's iPad, and inside of the YouTube app. Sure enough, the sense kicked in, and I forced with will the onscreen keyboard to appear.

The downside is that this ability lasted me a few weeks, and as I slacked from practice the ability faded. It can be rekindled, but it is a pain to do it, once the mind becomes bored of it. And this is kind of a key as to why some beginners do so incredibly well in psi work. It's new, it's exciting stuff, and it is rather liberating.

Now, as for the KLYTUS, what the operator is trying to accomplish is to utilize an old concentration tool to power a psioninc arrangement. I take the rate as usual, turning the four lightning dials, and then use the sweep dial to get a reading on the relationship pattern for the rate. The twin red buttons are a clearing mechanism, sort of a reset button, which can be used to clear and reset the core. Both buttons are depressed at the same time to reset the core. The basic instructions can be directed at the core instead of at the subject, as the rate is already taken, and the crystal core is synchronized with the witness, and with the thoughts put into the unit.

Gazing intently, and focusing all concentration on the core can create thought-forms, which can be projected from the core, and run through the system. Output can be connected by the jack on the right to an eloptic device, or even the kinetic rhombus (described in my blog on kinetic magick).

For more details on the KLYTUS read my earlier posts on both models.

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