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Vrilock's Resume of Magick

Magical and Spiritual Resume of Vrilock 1973 - present.

1973-1981 Perceived spirits watching my mother give me a bath in the kitchen sink. (age 9 months)

Precognition a of films, future events, encounters. Lived lives of others in my dreams..(age 4 or 5)

Moved a pitcher of orange juice across table without touching it. Witnessed by cousins. (age 9 or 10)

1981-1988 Stopped a colossal sand storm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a word. Stood inside of a huge dust devil in Hoffus, and learned to move them around with my will.

Survived multiple accidents, and brought spiritual healing to self and others.

1988-Began studying psionics.

Attacked by vampire spirit. Learned to push it off with my aura and my will. House shook. Banished spirit by my word and will to leave my residence. Gained ability to see faint outlines around objects after encounter with entity. Influence over things in motion improved after the encounter.

Came into contact with Sid Lonegren on the phone, discussed dowsing.

Attended ASD meeting, and other events related to dowsing.

1991-Began learning from Charles W. Cosimano.

Discovered the tele rod or telepathy amplifying node. Tested by Charles Cosimano to work very well.

Discovered the yellow magic methods from outsiders/ entities, spirit visitations.

1998-2001 Learned how to read minds in real-time while observing online multi-player games like Half-LIfe and Quake III Arena.

2001-Dream travel to the future where I would later start a business overseas and meet the customers I envisioned.

2003-2004 Suggested a psionic vampire book to Charles Cosimano (originally, it was thought that psychic vamping was dangerous. To this we collaborated on the idea of using crystals in the wiring to filter energies).

Observed sink hole manifestation after working with the magical bio-circuit chair design from Charles Cosimano. Discovered a pentacle for causing quakes could act as a filter for thoughts, and the thoughts passing through this metaphorical lens could influence conditions not previously described in the grimoires of Solomon.

Entered Abraxas.

Visited the ultimate void. Stripped of human identity from my mind. Saw the worlds within an unlimited circumference of light, and perceived all worlds as merely dreams, including my own life.

2009-Removed hostile neighbor via Andras sigil, and discovered the sigil could bring voices to my ear to inform me as to why the person was continuously assaulting us (I asked the universe what was the reason this person was harassing my wife and myself, and a somewhat female voice whispered close to my ear the word "Lesbian").

2010 Fended off a colossal spirit, and arrested its power, casting it out. Removed troubles, multiple kinds, miscellaneous training with sigils, runes, compound glyphs, and other training.

New innovation. Developed the miraculous hexagram prayer board.

Learned to see outer-space activity, and sense kinetics in near orbit paths.

2011- 2015 Slowed, dissolved Neoguri. Pacified Halong. Lifted over Honshu(Japan's main island), and set it down in the seas above Japan. Bent 40 typhoons around Honshu, resulting in a harmonized, heart shape pattern of cloud layer, with a clear and sunny center.

Changed climate temporarily in Honshu(Japan's main island) to a dry, Californian spring-summer. Freed Adam Kokesh from bondage using a remote laying on hands via the hexagram prayer board and the seventh pentacle of the sun. Liberated the heart of Iceland with will. Meteorite kinesis success.

Rained the entire state of California (2014). Created a temporary typhoon off the coastline, drawing the energy in, and balancing it. Some flooding, but none of the bad stuff weather experts were forecasting.

Calmed earth movement up to over a year on one side of the world. Stemmed some quake activity in part of Honshu using the U-rune as a focus archetype. Divined flight MH370 as being in Si Sa Ket, Thailand or Cambodia. Sensed Norse and Chinese languages surrounding the plane.

Divined a solution to America crisis and influenced prosperity to manifest in the future (coming soon!).

Developed ability to bring up the onscreen keyboard on three different tablet devices with concentrated focus, and without touching.

Calm and soothe pains via a laying on hands.

2016-Asked universe to spare us further difficulties in the USA. Witnessed red orb cross sky, enter Orion's Belt, and traced the constellation rapidly, and then flew over the horizon of the Nevada mountains.

2017-2018 Formed the Vrilock Insiders Club and the VOCUS program to train up occultists in the art and practice of psionics. Provided psychic support and spiritual protection to independent news and the general public throughout a difficult transition and cleanup process.

Manifested a meeting with Joshua P. Warren, the expert in all things paranormal and the ultimate paranormal investigator in the world! Created new strategic relationships with magicians and inventors from all corners of the United States!

2019 - Currently working on empowering others to help themselves and our planet. Also extending a friendly aid to the world at large via our transformation of trend and the return of beauty in the arts, and ultimately power in the individual through the circulation of independent knowledge and coaching colleagues in magick from all around the world!

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