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Psychometric Infusion

Psychometric Infusion... Oh, boy, what a mouthful! Bare with me on this one, because the talent is quite useful if you end up having to be at some place that you really feel needs to just disintegrate to the ground (like law offices and seminars that your wife likes to drag you to).

Psychometric infusion is the recto verte of psychometry. That is, instead of reading information about an object or structure you set up information into an object or structure. (Click on the image to read the associated comic strip).

Vrilock infusing his will into a small store...

Example time.

I was seventeen when I came up with an idea to bestow a certain thought field around a baseball, and have my schoolmates try passing the ball around. To their astonishment everyone dropped the ball 9 out of 10 passes.

With psychometric infusion you are going to simply touch an object, person, or even a building, and then imbue an energy pattern into it. To do this you need only open yourself up to the object mentally. It's an attitude, really. An attitude of doing, and not simply trying. Then, you see the energy flow from your touch to the innards or surrounding the object, depending upon your intent. This is in a way sort of like jacking into a matrix, for all things are part of some kind of system. Finally, you send your thoughts along the current you created.

There is a more practical use for those seeking long term results. And this is to leave a tiny thought form in or attached to the structure or place. It does not have to be well charged to persist. It is merely a landmark beacon of sorts, kind of like dropping a phone in somebody's car, and then going home and calling up that phone. In this case one need only give the beacon a name like Willy or Casper, and then call up the name when you get back to your home.

From the beacon you can easily tune in and begin giving the beacon a stronger charge, and a clear function. You can also simply use it as a means to reconnect to the location. Sending intent either through your beacon or by other means is all that remains to be done.

I leave this open ended because almost anything can be done with this method. You can use this method to do anything ranging from making more customers show up at Papa Mario's than there is pizza, to designating a pompous hangout for bad behavior.

Whatever you want.

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