Spirit Electives Box

Vrilock envisions a new kind of machine for working with spirit sigil and glyphs. The concept came from the potential of a wellness box which allows for the spirit selected to choose from a selection of elemental components. The box is wired as a closed circuit with three resistors, and then the two contact plates. An addition of a few or more elective components are wired into the box, and again wired to a sweep dial. These electives could be a piece of sulfur rock, a cube made of tiny mirrors, or a diode made of diamond. The components may depend upon the general uses for such a box. If the components are incompatible for the scope of operations, then the design is flawed.

A machine for weaponry may have other electives, such as sharp objects, arrowheads, an empty bullet shell, a knife, and so on.

This concept is yet to be tested. The process of operation would be to take a rate on the three resistors, and then ask the spirit to make a selection of elective components as the operator tunes the sweep dial.

An input switch box rewired for various components or kinds of crystals could replace the sweep dial.

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